April 24, 2024

This week’s Farmer Wants a Wife brought out the inner-Chelsea in several contestants, and who could blame them? Imagine spending the past month shoveling horse poop to win over a man’s heart only to have him add a new woman to the mix when he hasn’t even asked you out on a one-on-one date yet? It’s almost as nuts as going on a show called Farmer Wants a Wife in the first place!

Read on for a full account of how all the farms fared when a new woman moseyed into town.

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What happened when Ty brought Ashley back to the farm?

Everyone expected Melody to flip when Ty pulled up with Ashley in tow, and she delivered on that expectation to an extent (although she didn’t pack her bags and leave, as she’d threatened to do at the end of last week’s episode). But the most palpable rage came from Brooke, whose first words to Ashley were, “We’re not happy with the situation at all.” Not surprisingly, Ty’s current frontrunner Megan, fresh off her first solo date (and kiss) with the farmer, was much nicer to the ranch’s red-headed interloper. “This has to be so awkward for you and I’m so sorry,” she said.

The sad thing for Brooke is that by icing Ashley out, she alienated herself from Ty and gave him ammunition to send her home, which he’s likely to do in next week’s episode. That’s ultimately for the best-the man clearly isn’t interested in her and the sooner she knows that the better. But why give Ty a leg to stand on? He shouldn’t get to judge her when he’s the one juggling four women by choice. Someone needs to lasso this man off his high horse.

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What happened when Brandon brought Emerson back to the farm?

Brandon was already making out with Emerson by the time he brought her back to the farm. But despite the new girl presenting a clear and present danger, Grace and Joy (who had set four plates at the dinner table and lit some candles) greeted her like a sister wife. Was Grace a little threatened? Sure. But she insisted she wants what’s best for Brandon (eye roll) and if that meant giving him space to explore his options, so be it.

Meantime, Joy, who Brandon recently called out for her lack of emotion and empathy, just smiled her way through the episode like a windup doll. Maybe Reba wasn’t so wrong about her after all.

What happened when Nathan brought Makenzie back to the farm?

Were we rooting for Makenzie to return ever since we found out that she couldn’t make it to the farm in episode 2 due to a family emergency? Yes. But that was before Nathan and Taylor went on their first solo date. Now we’re invested in those two crazy kids getting married along the alligator-infested waters of Bartow, Florida, and we’re going to need Makenzie to take a hike.

What’ll likely to happen instead is that Nathan will choose Makenzie for his next one-on-one date, leaving Kristin, who’s been relegated to the friend zone, to show herself the door.

What happened when Mitchell brought Natalie back to the farm?

“I don’t want to create anymore distress and worry [for the girls],” Mitchell said before doing precisely that by bringing Natalie into the house. While none of the women took their anger out on Natalie, all three of them made their disappointment in Mitchell known. “At what point are you going to stop looking for other women?” Sydney asked. “That just makes me think that you don’t see a serious relationship with us, and that’s very frustrating.” Kiana, meanwhile, got up and left (although she ultimately decided to stay on the farm). Even quiet Kait piped up to say she was pissed.

Hilariously enough, Mitchell didn’t seem all that interested in Natalie by the end of the night; he said their conversation felt “forced.” Maybe Sydney will get that next solo date after all.

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