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Invest in real estate in the United States, in Dallas – Texas

The subprime crisis caused the fall in real estate prices until 2009, a weak dollar compared to the euro, price stabilization phase since 2010, real estate investment in the United States is today an intelligent investment, lucrative, and tax efficient. However, some regions or some American states are more interesting than others, because of their geographical location, their economic performance, or their taxation.


For the past ten years, TEXAS has been on a faultless course; very strong economic and demographic growth (the net creation of jobs attracts many people), quality of life due to a mild climate, and low taxation due to oil production. DALLAS FORT WORTH, (7 million inhabitants) is with HOUSTON one of the 2 main agglomerations of TEXAS, one of the largest in the USA, and is experiencing rapid development, based on solid fundamentals.

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A very popular destination for American and foreign investors, Dallas has the full range of typical real estate in the USA, at still very advantageous prices, and significantly lower than in the major cities of the EAST or WEST coast. It is, in our opinion, a unique opportunity to invest at very wise prices (and high returns), and it is a market still unknown to European and French investors, who know (almost) only Florida! And, given the economic dynamics of Texas compared to other American states, the potential for capital gains is attractive.

Buying real estate (apartment or house) in Dallas is therefore an excellent real estate operation: both for the return (net after tax) and for the potential for capital gains.

Like the city, the Dallas real estate market offers many opportunities. You can find there the classic house of the residential suburbs, “Single Family residence”, or apartments in the city center (“Condos”), a little less popular and rarer, but generally offering residents quality services (swimming pool, security, sports hall in particular ).

In Dallas, the largest market is clearly in “Single family residences”, and in particular in renovated houses in the price range between $150,000 and $250,000, which are rented on the basis of monthly rent representing approximately 1% of the price of the property. (i.e. a gross return of 12%)

Our French team INVEST DALLAS specializes in the search, selection, and purchase/sale of real estate for investors (and in particular French-speaking) in their process of buying real estate in DALLAS. In daily contact with our DALLAS collaborators, we advise you usefully in the preparation, realization, and follow-up of your American real estate investment. For rental management, tax declaration, possible work, housing maintenance, and administrative procedures (visa, green card, LLC, etc.), we provide you with a top-of-the-range and tailor-made service.
Easily become an owner in DALLAS!

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