May 24, 2024

Back in 2013, a cryptocurrency called Dogecoin (DOGE) was launched. It was meant to be a joke and die out after a few weeks. However, DOGE survived for over a decade, becoming one of the most popular coins in the industry. Based on an old meme featuring a Shiba Inu, DOGE became the first memecoin. However, in 2021, DOGE stole the spotlight with a massive price surge that brought all the attention to it.

This inspired the creation of a number of alternative memecoins, mostly inspired by DOGE itself. One of them is Zombie Inu (ZINU) — a cryptocurrency featuring a zombie dog. Another memecoin and part of the extended DOGE family, Zombie Inu, has started seeing popularity very quickly. In part, this was possible thanks to its NFT campaign. But, more about that soon. For now, let’s start from the beginning and answer the following:

What Is Zombie Inu?

Zombie Inu coin is a new cryptocurrency that aims to offer a highly-functional ecosystem, with a strong focus on NFTs. However, these are not ordinary NFTs — they are the industry’s first fully 3D NFT assets. The project has great plans, including creating the Zombieverse, where Zombie Inu coin would have a number of use cases.

ZINU consists of a team of experienced developers, artists, and marketers. All members felt quite strongly about the project, and they insisted on raising the bar regarding quality. Zombie Inu started out as their passion project, which grew into a movement. Its focus is to disrupt the industry via royalty-free, decentralized intellectual property. 

They also created an immortal zombie dog, ZINU, with a complex and compelling storyline. The team members have opted to remain pseudonymous, using nicknames and different forms of ZINU as their avatars.

The project has created a comprehensive roadmap that is regularly updated to keep the community and interested parties informed of its progress.

How Does Zombie Inu Work?

Zombie Inu uses an interesting new technology called reflection, previously popularized by a project called SafeMoon. Reflection is a mechanism that initiates the redistribution of tokens among holders. As such, it is not too different from Proof of Stake. 

However, maintaining a PoS network is much more complex and challenging than maintaining a network that uses reflection. So, reflection became a new favorite mechanism for young, fresh tokens. ZIMU is no different, although it tries to be different and original through its impactful art style.

It also has its own metaverse, called the Zombieverse. Zombieverse was built on seven pillars — Global Brand, Zombiemob, Trading Tools, ZINU token, Social Platform, Gaming, and NFTs.

The driving force behind the entire ecosystem is, of course, the ZINU token. This is the main currency used in the ecosystem and the metaverse. Apart from that, it also features a massive collection of NFTs, featuring 10,000 unique NFTs.

Zombie Inu Features

Zombie Inu has already come a long way since its launch. It started its journey with a website, followed by several listings on crypto-tracking sites. It was audited by CertiK, and it also saw several CEX listings. 

So far, it has published its NFT collection and introduced staking. However, moving forward, it has plenty more planned. Some examples include the launch of a native NTF marketplace, a social platform for ZINU holders, and more ZINU NFTs. Of course, collaborations and partnerships are also to arrive, as well as merchandise and collectibles. 

More importantly, the project intends to launch its own P2E game where NFTs and ZINU would coexist. Following that, it also intends to bring Augmented Reality (AR). ZinuScan and ZinuWallet are also in store, so there is a lot to look forward to.

Zombie Inu (ZINU) Token

The developers have created a complex backstory for Zombie Inu, the zombie dog that is the face of the project. Called ZINU, after the project’s token, the dog is the “ultimate, definitive, original zombie.” He fights evil forces and mixes with humanity to hide. However, while he is fearless, he is also haunted by something darker, that he will have to face and defeat.

The ZINU token operates on two blockchains — Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. It is a utility token, with a number of utilities planned for the future. We already mentioned integration into the project’s upcoming game. Another example is granting users access to both digital and physical assets. The token will also grant access to the project’s proprietary platform, where the community will be able to interact.

The project currently has a market cap of $7.64 million, while the Zombie Inu price sits at $0.003993. Both the market cap and the Zombie Inu price are down from their all-time high, unfortunately. However, with 2022 being bearish throughout its duration, this does not come as a surprise.

Still, ZINU will have a number of use cases once the developers complete their goals. Some examples include:

  • Special in-game access
  • Exclusive merchandise and collectibles
  • Royalty pool
  • Secret quests in the game
  • Augmented reality integration
  • Exclusive access to IRL experiences

The token has a total supply of 1QT, with 410 trillion burned. 5% was dedicated to marketing purposes, 4% to development, and 1% to redistribution.

ZINU Wallet

ZINU intends to launch its own wallet further down the line. For now, however, the wallet is still not out. 

Instead of the Zombie Inu network’s native wallet, users can store their ZINU cryptocurrencies in Metamask, Trust Wallet, or Coinbase Wallet.

Zombie Inu NFTs

We mentioned that Zombie Inu NFTs are the greatest focus of the project. These are the industry’s first fully animated 3D NFTs. The team has designed them to be able to walk, run, strut, dance, fly, or flip. 

The project’s whitepaper says that it has generated trillions of unique 3D, full-motion zombified character combinations. However, only 10,000 NFTs were minted on Ethereum’s blockchain. Each of them is unique, so each holder will hold a ZINU unlike any other. The collection was offered for sale on OpenSea NFT marketplace.

Does Zombie Inu Have a Future?

Zombie Inu is definitely a unique NFT project among both memecoins and NFTs. It has a much greater purpose and more roles in its ecosystem than any other memecoin in theirs. Plus, its NFTs are also unique, fully animated, and 3D, which is also something original in the industry.

ZINU is an ambitious project, and as such, it has a lot more to do before it completes its roadmap. However, its team appears to be quite capable, and it has advisors known throughout the crypto industry. So far, this definitely seems like a project that is worth keeping an eye on.


What Does Zombie Inu Do?

Zombie Inu is a project that intends to launch a metaverse game for its memecoin and NFTs. It intends to disrupt the industry by offering unique, 3D animated NFTs. Meanwhile, its native crypto, ZINU, has numerous use cases in the project’s ecosystem.

What Is Zombie Coin?

Zombie Coin, or ZINU, is a native cryptocurrency of the Zombie Inu ecosystem. It will also be the main cryptocurrency of its upcoming metaverse. It currently exists on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum’s network.

When Was ZINU Released?

ZINU officially joined the crypto market in October 2021, just before Halloween. Given its theme, this was quite an appropriate moment for the launch.

How Many Zombie Inu Coins Are There?

In total, the project’s supply is 1 quintillion tokens. Or, more precisely, 998,327,598 ZINU.  However, the project has already burned 410 trillion. 


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