You Need to See These Dogs Queuing Up for a Photo With Santa

A New York City animal rescue facility hosted its annual Santa Paws Holiday Photoshoot with a line as long as Taylor Swift fans waiting to get into one of her concerts.

The November 27 event allowed dogs to get a special photo op with Santa Claus. It was held at Rockefeller Center and brought in $14,133 from the sponsors and ticket sales, which will go directly to Muddy Paws Rescue. The money will be used to support all the foster families who welcome the dogs into their homes, as well as for medical and vet bills.

Mallory Kerley, marketing director at Muddy Paws, told Newsweek that this year’s event had twice as many participants and said its success might have been due to holding it at 30 Rock. It was a unique opportunity for people to bring their dogs to a famous New York attraction.

“We’re thrilled to have it at such an iconic part of New York City,” Kerley said. “Dogs aren’t really allowed inside that building.”

Kerley said Santa Claus was great with the dogs, and based on the big smooches the dogs were giving him in the video, one could assume the dogs loved him.

Some of the dogs that came to the event were previous Muddy Paws Rescue pups, but every furry friend was welcome to attend.

Not that photos with Santa aren’t amazing enough, but the event had extra bonuses. Event sponsors included the Animal Medical Center, DoggyStyle NYC, Free Country and Sundays. Those who attended the event got to know about the companies and received little gifts and giveaways.

One of the event volunteers, known on TikTok as @adoptingdogs, posted a clip on November 28 showing how many people came to see Santa Claus. The TikTok video has over 337,400 views and nearly 50,000 likes, with users falling in love with the preciousness of it all.

“Dogs are really the new kids and I love it,” said one user.

Another added: “Where do I sign up to be an elf just for this day?”

One of the event’s sponsors, Sundays, wrote: “Look at allll the good boys and girls!”

Kerley said, on good authority, that all the dogs that came to the event made it on the nice list this holiday season.

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This story was originally published December 16, 2023, 3:00 PM.

source: star-telegram

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