‘Wordle’ #913 Clues and Answer for Tuesday, December 19 Game

More than two years since it first launched people still can’t get enough of Wordle’s daily brainteasers.

The popular word-puzzle game first went viral during the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing together family and friends separated by the virus.

Created by Josh Wardle for his crossword-loving partner, the Brooklyn-based software engineer uploaded the game online in October 2021 to share the fun with the world.

By January 2022, Wordle had over 2 million players and was snapped up by The New York Times for a seven-figure sum.

“I get emails from people who say things like ‘hey, we can’t see our parents due to Covid at the moment but we share our Wordle results each day,'” Wardle told The Guardian in 2022. “During this weird situation it’s a way for people to connect in a low effort, low friction way.”

Internet fads come and go, so why has Wordle’s popularity endured? According to its creator, it’s because of the one-puzzle-per-day strategy.

“I built a prototype of Wordle in 2013,” Wardle told Newsweek in January 2022. “Functionally it’s almost the same as the one we have now, with the biggest difference being that the older version allowed endless play. In other words, you could just keep on going until you had your fill.

“The idea to impose a limitation came when my partner and I started getting into crosswords during the pandemic. In particular, The New York Timeshave this puzzle called ‘Spelling Bee,’ which has this once-a-day model that I thought was really effective.”

If you’re one of the many people across the globe struggling to solve today’s Wordle conundrum, we’ve put together a few hints to help you.

‘Wordle’ #913, Clues for Tuesday, December 19

Newsweek has gathered five clues to help you figure out today’s Wordle puzzle.

Hint #1: There are no repeated letters in today’s answer.

Hint #2: The first letter is a consonant.

Hint #3: Today’s Wordle contains two vowels.

Hint #4: The last letter is a vowel.

Hint #5: The answer begins with a “T.”

‘Wordle’ #913 Answer for Tuesday, December 19

Today’s Wordle answer is “Table.”

Did you get it right? Don’t feel too bad if not. Even Wardle admits to struggling with the game, needing at least four or five guesses to crack it.

“[My partner] and I play it on the couch together each morning,” Wardle told Newsweek. “She will consistently get it in three goes, which is way, way better than I can ever hope to achieve. I normally need at least four or five attempts.”

If you’re bored waiting for Wordle to reset at midnight, there are other word-based puzzle games to keep you entertained, so you could try Typochondria or Spellspire.

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This story was originally published December 19, 2023, 2:45 AM.

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