‘Wordle’ #907 Tips, Solution for Wednesday, December 13 Puzzle

Wordle’screator came up with the game as a treat for his girlfriend and now it has more than 2 million players worldwide.

Josh Wardle first created a version of the daily word puzzle in 2013, but then refined the game during the COVID pandemic so that his girlfriend had something to do.

He made the game public in 2021 and it went from 90 players to millions, becoming a social media sensation.

Every day a new five-letter word appears and users have to guess it in a process of elimination style of play in six attempts or fewer.

Colored tiles help players along the way; a green tile means you got the letter right and a yellow shows that letter exists in the daily word but is in the wrong spot. Finally, a gray tile tells a player that letter is incorrect.

While it sounds simple enough, the game has even stumped Wardle on occasion, who admits his girlfriend wipes the floor with him when playing.

“[My partner] and I play it on the couch together each morning. She will consistently get it in three goes, which is way, way better than I can ever hope to achieve. I normally need at least four or five attempts,” he told Newsweek in January 2022, shortly before selling the game to The New York Times for a seven-figure sum.

The daily word is randomized, but The New York Times made sure to hire a Wordle editor after acquiring the game, just to make sure there were no offensive words that might pop up.

“I think there was some nervousness in the community of Wordle solvers, that I would change things somehow, you know, that I would mess with things too much, but my family and friends were very proud of me,” Tracy Bennett the NYT’s associate puzzle editor said in an interview with Today.

If you’re struggling with today’s word, Newsweek has put together some handy clues to help get you over the line. But a word of warning, the answer is a bit further down, so scroll with caution.

‘Wordle’ #907, Clues for Wednesday, December 13

Hint #1: Today’s Wordle answer contains one vowel.

Hint #2: There are no repeating letters.

Hint #3: The answer starts with a consonant.

Hint #4: The answer is an adjective.

Hint #5: Related words include “tired” and “burnt-out.”

‘Wordle’ #907, Answer for Wednesday, December 13

Today’s Wordle is “spent.”

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as adjective that can mean used up or exhausted.

It can also mean “exhausted active or required components or qualities often for a particular purpose.”

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This story was originally published December 13, 2023, 2:39 AM.

source: star-telegram

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