Witney Carson Discusses a Possible Return to ‘DWTS’

Bright-eyed and bubbly as ever, professional dancer Witney Carson greeted Parade at the recent Gatorade Water Launch Party, where she was serving as a brand ambassador, over Zoom. Still every bit the fan favorite who won Season 19 of Dancing With the Stars with partner Alfonso Ribeiro, Carson opened up about the possibility of her return to the show for Season 33 after taking last season off.

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“If the time is right, and it’s next year, [when] my kids will be older-it’s just hard to rip your family away from their routine,” Carson said. She decided not to return for Season 32, saying it “wouldn’t be the right move” for her two young sons (Leo, now 3, and Jet, who will turn 1 in May), and their routines at home.

But does this ballroom beauty miss the DWTS stage? “I miss going out and performing for an audience-that’s my favorite thing to do,” she shared. While sitting out last season, Witney admitted to some FOMO but enjoyed getting to watch the competition as a fan for the first time.

“I got to really see the show as a whole and just how entertaining and lovely and happy it made me feel,” she said. “Of course I had FOMO, that’s just my personality-like I was kind of dying to dance. But it was great to see the show,” she told us.

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As for rejoining next season, she hinted that the chance to showcase her skills once again would be welcome if the timing aligns with her family life. “Of course that’s on our radar. And that’s something that we would love to do. So if it makes sense, we will.”

Carson also revealed a little more about what she loves most from her past DWTS experience and the special connection she’s formed with fans of the show.

“In my older age, I just really realized what I did for people. And it’s just so-it’s a special, special talent, a special thing that I will never take for granted. I’m just so grateful that I have this gift from God to make people happy and make people have memories with their loved ones,” she shared.

Witney continued, “I watched it with my grandma and she passed away last year. And that was like our one show that we watched together.”

It’s clear that despite being away last season, Carson still feels deeply attached to the show that made her a household name. The dancing prodigy first captured America’s hearts on So You Think You Can Dance at age 18, and five years later, she cha-cha’d her way to mirrorball glory in her first-ever season partnered with Fresh Prince star, Ribeiro.

Photo by Lou Rocco/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images
Photo by Lou Rocco/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

Beyond updates on a possible ballroom comeback and her adorable dancing kiddos at home, Witney also talked about her forever bond with Ribeiro. “He actually just came to our house the other day. Alfonso and I have always been close. He’s like family to me,” she said.

And which stars would Witney love to see in the DWTS ballroom next? “I would love to see…Tom Hiddleston. I think he’d be amazing,” she shared about the possibility of seeing the Loki actor showcasing his moves on stage. “I’ve seen a little bit of some clips and I think he’s really hilarious and I think he really actually can dance,” she said.

No matter Witney’s decision about Season 33, between motherhood and her ambassador role with Gatorade Water, this mirrorball champ’s life is certainly still filled with plenty of motion.

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