Whitney Port Admits She Had $35K of Credit Card Debt When She Got Engaged

Whitney Portis looking back on the moment she told now-husband Tim Rosenman about her significant credit card debt.

“When I got engaged, I remember having, like, a $35,000 credit card bill. I had known about it for a while and I was letting it rack up and was just paying, essentially, the interest each month,” Port, 38, admitted during a Wednesday, December 20, appearance on Nicole Lapin‘s “Money Rehab” podcast.

The Hills alum added that her debt “felt like this huge secret” that she was “really ashamed” of. However, she knew she needed to tell Rosenman, 42, the truth.

“I told him one night, and he was definitely shocked but he was like, ‘We’ll figure it out,'” Port recalled. “I remember at the time, luckily, being able to pay it off quickly.”

Whitney Port and Tim Rosenman.
Whitney Port and Tim Rosenman. Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Wedding Paper Divas

“There will be things we are going through in the moment that we don’t want to talk about – like certain phases of trying to have another kid and certain miscarriages that I wasn’t just live posting [about] and we keep intimate between the two of us – but for the most part everything ends up getting discussed,” she said.

Although Port and Lapin, who tied the knot in 2015, are a united force, Port noted that she’s also learned that “you don’t have to unload everything on your partner” and can instead reserve some conversations for therapy.

“[Your partner] can soak up your anxiety and your grief, and I think that, when talking to a therapist, they are not,” Port said, noting that “picking and choosing what I really need to talk to him about” has helped. “It doesn’t happen overnight, we have been married [for] eight years.”

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Port may be learning to work through some feelings in therapy, but having Rosenman by her side has helped her cope with the heartbreak of pregnancy loss.

“It really did bring us closer together,” Port exclusively told Us Weekly in October. “Timmy [would say], ‘This is us dealing with this. This is not you dealing with this, and this is nothing that your body did wrong.’ I feel like sometimes that’s all the partner needs to say for the woman to not feel alone.”

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This story was originally published December 20, 2023, 4:40 PM.

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