July 24, 2024

A herding dog obsessed with sheep has a hilarious reaction to seeing animals on the television screen in a recent Instagram reel.

Dog owners Saulo Ouverney and Peter Cook didn’t start noticing that Skye the sheepdog was interested in television until she started entering adulthood. They said she previously just sat by their side while they watched programs.

But as they started watching medieval shows with lots of fights, Skye would become annoyed. She instead prefers to watch cartoons, and eventually, turning on the TV became a thing, Ouverney told Newsweek.

“Every evening after having dinner, we gather at the TV room to chill,” he said. “She is always around and started to play funny, almost demanding to have the TV on.”

And now, whenever she sees animals like horses and sheep on a show, she barrels toward it, almost pushing her snoot against the screen.

In the February 17 Instagram video, Skye prepares herself as her family is about to turn on the TV. The very first second she spots the sheep on screen, she darts. Those sheep weren’t going to herd themselves!

“At the moment, we’re watching The Gilded Age and she goes mental with the horses,” Ouverney said. “The sheep were in the very first episode of the show.”

Her barking demands to have the TV on can be a bit overwhelming at times, the couple said. Luckily, once the screen is on, she stops and will sit and watch for a little. But they wouldn’t be surprised if one day she knocks the TV over.

The Instagram reel had reached over 1 million views, 68,408 likes and 374 comments as of Thursday. It has shown people that even dogs can work remotely.

“They really be letting anyone work remotely,” joked one viewer.

Another added: “She loves sheep so much that she has turned into one of them.”

Plenty of viewers have suggested the couple get Skye her own sheep so she can work, to which they responded that she’s had plenty of plushies. Same, same!

Sheepdogs, also known as the original “shaggy dogs,” emerged from early types of herding dogs in England during the 1800s. They were used to help farmers drive cattle and sheep.

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This story was originally published February 29, 2024, 2:47 PM.

source: star-telegram

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