The Golden Bachelor’s Kathy and Susan Reveal Skinny-Dipping Ritual at the Mansion

The Golden Bachelor starsKathy Swarts and Susan Noles didn’t hold back while sharing behind-the-scenes secrets about filming the show, including a skinny-dipping ritual.

“I’m the first one up in the morning, skinny-dipping, making the girls crazy,” Susan, 66, recalled about her time in the Bachelor mansion while appearing on the Thursday, December 7 episode of “The Ben and Ashley I. Almost Famous Podcast.”

Kathy, 70, said her friend wasn’t exaggerating about her morning routine. “I’ve seen it all, every square inch, and she literally skinny-dipped in that pool every morning,” she told hosts Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti.

Susan then recalled seeing the shocked expressions on “the faces of these ladies” when they first discovered her in the pool. “Everybody wasn’t up but we’re out having coffee and I go to the edge of the pool, slip it off and…” she said before Kathy chimed in, “Slip it in.”

After the other contestants became aware of Susan’s ritual, she said that they warned her that the cameras were always on. “They would be like, ‘Susan, there are cameras,'” the reality star said. “I go, ‘Nobody’s here.'”

“Also, they’re not going to be able to air it but they could black box you,” Ashley, 35, responded.

However, Susan wasn’t convinced the footage would even make the final cut. “Oh, whatever. Who wants to see a 66-year-old?” she said.

Not only did the contestants share insight about their time in the mansion, but they also discussed an incident that almost happened during the After the Final Rose special. Both Susan and Kathy attended the taping to see Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist make their debut as a couple following their engagement. While the event went according to plan, Kathy revealed she almost showed up in the same dress as Theresa, 70.

“Can you imagine if I had shown up in that dress? [People would have said] she stalked her,” Kathy said.

Theresa and Kathy infamously butted heads during the season, while Kathy even told the senior compliance and operations liaison to “zip it” during one altercation.

Kathy explained she ultimately decided not to wear the dress because she assumed Theresa would want to wear something “white [and] bridal” if she and Gerry, 72, got engaged.

“You didn’t think of her. You liked the other one better. Tell the truth,” Susan said as she called out her friend. “It was nothing to do with Theresa, we had no idea.”

Regardless of her reason for not wearing the dress, Kathy said she’s happy she didn’t accidentally match with Theresa. “I go, ‘Oh my god. She’s got on my dress,'” she recalled of the moment she saw Theresa’s outfit. “And I thought, can you imagine Bachelor Nation that would have said, ‘Not only does she tell her to zip it but she goes out and buys her dress.'”

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This story was originally published December 8, 2023, 9:40 AM.

source: star-telegram

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