July 24, 2024

Though there are already plenty of emojis in existence, Jason Kelce said there’s one more that he and his brother, Travis Kelce, really need.

During an episode of the brothers’ New Heights podcast that was released on Wed., March 20, Jason, 36, pitched his new emoji idea. The subject came up while the two were discussing recent changes to Travis’ team, the Kansas City Chiefs.

The former Philadelphia Eagles center first acknowledged that the Chiefs had recently signed Marquise “Hollywood” Brown to a one-year deal. He and Travis, 34, then discussed the text message exchange that Brown shared on social media showing his brief conversation with Chiefs Coach Andy Reid.

“One of the best things was Coach Reid’s text,” Travis said before the podcast’s video recording showed a screenshot of the messages. Brown posted them as he announced he was “Excited To Be Apart Of Chiefskingdom.”

The text Reid sent Brown read, “Hollywood, think Red today, KC Red with diamonds!!!” Reid had then added a winking emoji before ending the text with his name.

Jason, who announced his retirement from the NFL earlier this month after 13 seasons with the Eagles, described Reid’s text as “impressive.”

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“First of all, I didn’t know people talked to each other like this,” he said, a comment that made his younger brother laugh. He then asked Travis, “Did you know Andy was such an emoji guy?”

“Of course I did,” the Chiefs tight end responded.

Jason then acknowledged he previously exchanged texts with Reid and noticed that he “definitely uses the emojis.” Given that the Chiefs coach uses emojis so frequently, Jason then suggested that a new one be created in his honor, one that could have a couple of eyebrow variations to fit different expressions depending on the mood an emoji user wished to convey.

“There should be an Andy Reid emoji,” the former NFL player declared. “We need to get that going.”

The brothers’ podcast later shared a clip of their emoji conversation on X.

“We need an Andy Reid emoji ASAP,” the tweet said.

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