Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend Discussion With Fan Goes Viral

A fan’s encounter with Taylor Swift is going viral after Brittany Hugoboom described a conversation she had with the singer about her then-boyfriend.

Hugoboom, a wellness entrepreneur, took to X (formerly Twitter) to recall her experience with Swift as she defended Time magazine’s decision to name the pop star “Person of the Year.” Time announced Wednesday that Swift had been chosen out of a group of nine finalists for the designation, citing her wildly popular Eras Tour this year, which is projected to become the biggest tour of all time.

In a post that has been viewed nearly a million times, Hugoboom described meeting Swift over a decade ago on the set of a music video for her Red album. Describing the singer as a friendly celebrity who joked about her height, Hugoboom said she told Swift she was going to Tennessee soon to meet her then-boyfriend’s family and asked Swift for recommendations on what to do in Swift’s home state.

“As anyone who’s met me knows, I love talking about my husband,” Hugoboom wrote. “So after I’m telling Taylor all about him and how excited I am to meet his family, she says, ‘I hope one day I’m with a man who makes me light up the way you do when you talk about your boyfriend.’

“I know I’ll be called a ‘pick-me’ for that one but I did get picked (my boyfriend and I got married) and it actually happened so it is what it is,” Hugoboom said.

Newsweek reached out to Swift via email for comment.

Hugoboom’s post came in response to a tweet from conservative figure Eric Conn, who hosts a podcast seeking “to recover biblical masculinity in a world of softness.” Conn called it “shameful and sad” that Swift was named “Person of the Year” and referred to her as a “hyper-promiscuous, childless woman.”

Hugoboom pushed back against Conn’s remarks, using her encounter with Swift to prove the singer is a romantic and noting that Swift is in a relationship with the Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce and was in a six-year relationship before that. She said Swift has so many female fans because of her ability to capture “the excitement of falling in love for the first time” and “the pain of heartbreak” from a woman’s perspective.

“Someone who’s in their 40’s can’t comprehend what it was like being a teenage girl dancing in the rain to ‘Fearless,’” Hugoboom wrote. She also said that Swift’s music didn’t promote the traits that Conn suggested, saying that “the average girl who listens to her is a romantic.”

“The average girl who listens to her doesn’t think she’ll be the next famous singer/songwriter and is turned off by men because TSwift isn’t married yet,” she said.

“There’s no shortage of men who’d jump at the chance to date someone famous like [Swift] but she has to be extra cautious given what’s at stake for her,” Hugoboom concluded. “I hope she does end up falling in love with a great man in the future.”

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This story was originally published December 8, 2023, 9:03 AM.

source: star-telegram

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