Stephen King Rips Into Marjorie Taylor Greene-Again

Horror author Stephen King has long been critical of Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene—and now he’s called her out once again.

Greene, a MAGA Republican and a Donald Trump loyalist, appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show Tucker on X, released December 10, to discuss the state of U.S. politics. They covered topics such as funding foreign wars and the military-industrial complex.

The Republican Party member has been vocal about her opposition to funding foreign wars and is also against sending military aid to long-time U.S. ally Israel, with her views being well-supported by some Republicans. This came after Hamas led a surprise attack on Israel on October 7, saying it was retribution for worsening conditions for Palestinians under Israeli occupation. Israel then launched a war on the Islamist group in the Gaza Strip.

In 2022 alone, the United States committed more than $3.3 billion in foreign aid to Israel, with the military receiving 99.7 percent of that total. The United States also remains the largest military donor to Ukraine, with commitments of $47 billion. Russian President Vladimir Putin began a military invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, sparking the largest military conflict and refugee crisis in Europe since World War II.

In her interview with Carlson, Greene criticized the White House claiming that “Washington doesn’t care about normal Americans and normal American ideas and normal American values.”

Greene shared a clip of the interview to her X, formerly Twitter, captioning it: “If you don’t fund the foreign wars, if you don’t wear their flag, and if you don’t have a sign outside your office door, you’re going against Washington, against the Pentagon, and against the military industrial complex. And you will pay the price.”

King slammed Greene’s stance by retweeting her post and adding: “Putin loves fools like you.”

Newsweek reached out to representatives for Greene and King for comment via email Monday.

King’s tweet has proven divisive, with people taking to the comment section to share their thoughts, and many agreeing with Greene.

“Why are you so pro-war all of a sudden, Steve. Did you change your mind about Vietnam, too?” one person wrote.

“You really should stick to writing your books and leave the politics to people who live in the non fiction world,” said another.

A third added: “Putin loves people like you who divide the country.”

However, others agreed with the critically-acclaimed author.

“Here in Ukraine we really appreciate your support, Mr.King,” one person wrote.

“Agree Stephen. Putin is getting free advertising,” another posted.

This isn’t the first time King has criticized Greene on X, having previously called her out for posting inaccurate information amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict.

Greene posted on November 5: “Israel is literally dominating in their war with Hamas after being brutally attacked killing thousands of innocent people, and not one single American dollar has been spent on that war yet. Just think about that.”

Plenty of people were quick to correct her, including novelist King: “Are you tripping? We’ve given them aid and armaments for decades.”

Greene was also corrected by X’s own Community Notes, a function introduced by the platform that aims to help fight misinformation there.

King’s criticism of Greene doesn’t end there as on November 7 he told her to do some “real work” after she shared a video of her appearance on The Benny Show podcast. In the clip, Greene discussed the resolution she filed that would censure Representative Rashida Tlaib—the only Palestinian-American in Congress—over her criticism of Israel.

Greene accused Tlaib of inciting an insurrection at the Capitol building after a rally was held that called for a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war.

She posted to X on November 7: “What happened on October 18th is no different than what happened on January 6th when [Tlaib] incited a mob with her speech on the National Mall.

“My censure resolution forces Tlaib to face condemnation on the floor of the House.”

King was quick to criticize her comment, posting to X: “Oh, do some real work for a change. Stop fulminating.”

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This story was originally published December 11, 2023, 7:11 AM.

source: star-telegram

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