April 25, 2024

Lisa Barlow‘s son Jack Barlow has been hospitalized amid his highly-anticipated overseas missions trip with the Mormon church. The Salt Lake City Housewife shared the news with her online followers as she prepares for Christmas celebrations.

“I miss Jack every day – he has been in the hospital for 3 days and it’s killing me not being there,” Lisa, 49, tweeted on Tuesday, December 19.

Fans gave their love and support to the Bravo star, and some even asked for more information about Jack’s health status.

“What did he go in the hospital for??..” a fan asked, leading Lisa to reply, “They are figuring it out.”

A second online user asked the Vida Tequila cofounder if she was allowed to visit her eldest son during his mission and she revealed the family could “get permission” to see him.

Jack’s decision to go on a mission with the church was a big part of Lisa’s storyline during The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season 4. The fashionista reality star is extremely close to her kids, so the beginning stages of becoming an empty nester were difficult for her to process. Not to mention, Jack, 19, told his mother about the trip after he made his decision.

“He sits down next to me and just starts bawling. And I’m like, ‘What’s going on, Jack?!’ He’s like, ‘Mom, it’s gonna be OK because I decided to go on a mission,'” Lisa shared during a confessional during the season 4 premiere.

In the middle of the season, Jack was assigned to serve his time in Colombia. The Barlow’s threw the Bravo kid a reveal party and although Lisa was devastated that her son would be so far away, she was happy for his selfless decision.

“He had everything at his fingertips,” Lisa admitted in a different interview clip, adding, “He could be doing anything else in the whole entire world, but he chose to go out there and connect with people, share a message of love and kindness, and teach people about God. As soon as he wakes up, until the time he goes to bed, he is going to be serving others, and, as a mom, I couldn’t be more proud of him.”

However, Lisa’s sense of worrying for Jack’s safety as he spreads his wings into adulthood hasn’t gone away. In fact, the TV personality told fans that her friend’s son went to Colombia for a mission trip and was held at gunpoint during his time there. The near-fatal moment triggered Lisa’s nerves for Jack.

“He was held up at gunpoint, like, weekly, so he carried, like, an extra few bucks in pocket and just, like, handed it over,” she shared in a confessional. “He’s like, ‘OK, I see the gun, here’s the cash.’ But I mean, overall, it’s thrilling.”

In November, rumors swirled that Jack’s mission destination was relocated to Orange County after a Reddit fan claimed to see him in the Southern California city with a name badge. A fan defended Lisa via Twitter, leading the Bravolebrity to thank the woman, adding, “His VISA was delayed.”

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