April 25, 2024

Five Pulido’s to reopen, maybe more

Hey, Bud! I see today where Pulido’s is reopening. What about the Arlington [Saginaw, Weatherford, Mineral Wells, Stephenville] location?

—Lots of readers

Everybody wants their Pulido’s back. But the only locations set to reopen right now are the last five — in west Fort Worth, Hurst, Cleburne and Eastland and near Benbrook. If those work out, the company might return to more markets.

The original Pulido’s near Montgomery Street still looks like in the 1970s.
The original Pulido’s near Montgomery Street still looks like in the 1970s. Bud Kennedy bud@star-telegram,com

Paloma Suerte, Tannahill’s open Christmas

Hey, Bud! Our plans changed and we need a restaurant to eat Christmas Day. Where can we go?

—Email to bud@star-telegram.com

The list of 50 hotels and restaurants serving Christmas Day is online at star-telegram.com/eatsbeat. But Paloma Suerte in Mule Alley is open and serving traditional Stockyards Tex-Mex, along with the restaurant in Tannahill’s music hall nearby. For a hotel buffet, Cut & Bourbon at the Live by Loews! in Arlington still shows space available.

The “paloma suerte” (lucky dove) in Paloma Suerte.
The “paloma suerte” (lucky dove) in Paloma Suerte. Bud Kennedy bud@star-telegram.com

Hudson House, Dayne’s, Heim open

Hey, Bud! Wasn’t there some big restaurant opening around Christmas?

—Occasional reader

You might be thinking of Hudson House, 4600 Dexter Ave., the newest location of a restaurant company that started in Highland Park. It’s open. Or you might be thinking of Dayne’s Craft Barbecue, 100 S. Front St., Aledo, or Heim Barbecue, 139 W. Ellison St., Burleson.

This story was originally published December 21, 2023, 9:56 AM.

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