April 25, 2024

Night six of the Next Level Chef competition had the remaining cooks on Gordon Ramsy, Nyesha Arrington and Richard Blais‘steams cook something that had never been done before on Next Level Chef. The 10 remaining chefs were challenged with elevating the traditional pizza into a next-level masterpiece.

Team Ramsay had the top-level kitchen as Gabi Chappel won last week with her New York Strip steak with a caramelized onion soubise.

Team Arrington was in the middle level and Team Blais was in the bottom kitchen as last week Lauren Smith lost the shellfish showdown, despite grabbing a lobster.

Then the 10 remaining chefs got cooking for a chance to boil, bake and fry their way into $250,000.

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‘Next Level Chef’ Season 3 Results Tonight: Who Went Home on Night Six of the Eliminations?

ChrisTzorin, 37

Orange County, CA

Advancing Contestants Tonight on Next Level Chef Season 3 Night Six

Angela Pagan, 33

Atlanta, GA

Christina Miros, 35

Dumont, NJ

Gabi Chappel, 29

Brooklyn, NY

Izahya Thomas, 24

Miami, FL

Jordan Torrey, 29

Tampa, FL

Mada Abdelhamid, 36

Los Angeles, CA

Nicole Renard, 28

Kennewick, WA

Ryan “Von” Smith, 37

Scranton, PA

Zach Laidlaw, 34

Maui, HI

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What was the first challenge this episode, and who won it?

 Nicole Renard CR: Lorraine O’Sullivan/FOX
Nicole Renard CR: Lorraine O’Sullivan/FOX

The episode title is “Wanna Pizza Me?” and it was a challenge for the chefs as there were some very strange ingredients that came down the platform on the drop for them to chose from like chicken nuggets, lamb’s tongue, and squid.

Then, in a Next Leve Chef first, Chris grabs Jordan’s dough by mistake, which could send Jordan home. Luckily, Chris had only touched one of Jordan’s two New York-style dough balls, and Jordan did finish in first place for Team Ramsay, but he wasn’t the winning pizza.

That was Nicole, who made a pizza using spinach dough with lamb’s tongue, olives, Brussel sprouts and chilis.

“Tough one that, lamb’s tongue,” Gordon said, “but the flavors are actually good. It’s lovely the way the acidity from the olives matches with the tongue and the puree underneath. And the crust has the perfect thickness.”

Nyesha added, “One of the highlights of this pizza is this lamb’s tongue and nothing’s really overpowering.”

“I can’t believe they have so many good things to say about this pizza,” Nicole said. “You’ve got to be kidding, they chose lamb tongue pizza as their favorite pizza of the day. This is so crazy.”

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What was the elimination challenge this episode, and who won it?

 Chris Tzorin CR: Lorraine O’Sullivan/FOX
Chris Tzorin CR: Lorraine O’Sullivan/FOX

The elimination challenge was another Italian-American classic, a perfect parm, whether it’s chicken or veal or eggplant.

Gordon said, “The person I am sending into the elimination because I know they can absolutely win it for the team is Chris.” And Chris deserved to go. Not because of what happened with Jordan’s dough, but because his pizza was a mess with too many ingredients and too little flavor.

Nyesha chose Christina to go into elimination, saying, “You almost didn’t make that platform. You have that Immunity Pin on your apron. You can risk going home tonight or your other option is to play that Immunity Pin in which case Von or Mada would go in in your place.”

Christina chose to play her pin, “I just have to do what’s best for me. There’s no other option for me today but to use that pin.”

So, then Nyesha chose Mada to face off against Chris, because last time he faced the elimination challenge he promised to win and return to the team, which he did. She’s counting on him to do that again.

Chris chose to make chicken parm, while Mada went with veal parm, but a spicy version.

It was the first time this season that the vote was split with Gordon sending the chicken parm home and Nyesha sending the veal parm home. That left it up to Richard to cast the deciding vote. He sent the chicken parm home, which ended Chris’ time on Next Level Chef.

“I let myself down,” Chris said. “Not only that, I let my team down. You can make a million best dishes, but one (expletive) dish can ruin everything. But it’s okay. I’m leaving with a big heart, a big spirit.”

Next Level Chef airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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