April 24, 2024

A bulldog showed off her flair for the dramatic during a recent visit to the vet.

The pooch took center stage in a video posted to TikTok by Guardian Veterinary Specialists, an independently-owned veterinary hospital in Brewster, New York.

In the clip, the bulldog can be seen sitting on her owner’s lap, wrapped up snugly inside a towel enjoying a well-earned nap.

Judging from the onscreen caption, what unfolded previously off-camera had taken a lot out of her. The caption read: “When you screamed for an hour about a catheter being placed in your arm so you now need to be swaddled and loved to recover from this traumatic experience.”

Though the bulldog looked as if she had been through quite the ordeal, staff at the veterinary hospital were clearly less convinced. “Who ever heard of a dramatic Bulldog?” they wrote sarcastically alongside the clip. The video, which has been viewed over 400,000 times, can be watched here.

According to the blurb accompanying the footage, the bulldog was admitted after swallowing a rock. There had been concerns initially that she would require “major treatment” to have the stone removed. Thankfully, the hospital confirmed she later passed the rock, bringing a swift end to her ordeal.

Though the bulldog may have been a tad dramatic in her response to the medical treatment she received, it’s perhaps understandable and unsurprising that this would be her reaction.

After all, much like a trip to the hospital for you or me, a visit to the vet can be an unnerving experience for a four-legged friend. It’s a new environment full of strange smells and animals in varying levels of distress.

It’s also worth remembering that anxiety is a very common issue among dogs. A Finnish study published in the scientific journal Nature in 2020, sought to explore the prevalence of anxiety in dogs.

Researchers examined the behavior of some 13,700 dogs as part of the study. What they realized is that dogs have complex mental health needs with 72.5 percent of canines studied experiencing some form of anxiety-related behavior.

This particular bulldog may have been left anxious at the vet but the good news at least was that it was over. Even better than that, her super cute performance had won her plenty of admirers on TikTok with dog lovers flocking to the comments section to pay her compliments.

“Is this a new Squishmallow?” one user asked with another branding the pet pooch a “baby potato.” A third called the bulldog a “little baby snuffleupagus” and “sweet little muffin” while a fourth declared, “it’s a bullrito.”

Newsweek has contacted Guardian Veterinary Specialists on TikTok for comment.

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This story was originally published January 16, 2024, 6:05 AM.

source: star-telegram

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