Houston makes list of top 10 places most popular on Instagram

Stock image of fireworks

Stock image of fireworks


Looking for an Instagram-worthy location to ring in the New Year right here in Texas? Houston is the place to be, as the ninth most “Instagrammable” city in the U.S. for New Year’s Eve.

A new study by casinossweeps.com has revealed the most Instagrammable cities in the U.S. for New Year’s Eve, with Miami claiming the top spot. Data was obtained by analyzing the number of party related hashtags for each U.S. city.

“While it beats out iconic locations such as New York City and Las Vegas, Miami has a unique charm that has clearly been on display all over social media,” a spokesperson said. “For the rest of the cities on the list, it reflects that people have various locations across the country to celebrate, regardless of whether someone is celebrating on the east coast or the west coast.”

Houston took its spot in the top 10 with 32,311,293 Instagram hashtags. In the center of Texas, Houston has vast diversity, depth of culture and Southern hospitality. New Year’s Eve in Houston means parties going on up and down the city, from the Mixers and Elixirs in the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences to dining at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Dallas and Fort Worth also earned places in the top 25 most Instagrammable cities. Dallas is ranked in 13th place with 23,434,330 Instagram hashtags. Fort Worth is ranked 24th place with 3,965,965 Instagram hashtags.

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