Golden Retriever Puppy Mesmerized the First Time He Sees Windscreen Wipers

Puppies view the world with such excitement and curiosity. They’re always wanting to explore and while they’re fascinated for a majority of the time, they also get intimidated.

Lisa Poseley, a dog owner living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, got a new golden retriever puppy within the past week. Cooper is 9 weeks old and came from the same breeder that his older brother Sunny did.

Even with an older doggy brother who is 6, Cooper is still figuring out the world on his own like his recent discovery with the car’s windscreen wipers.

In Monday’s TikTok video, which was posted to @sunnyandcoop, Cooper was sitting in the front seat when he saw something move. Then it moved back again. And again and again.

Poseley told Newsweek that she was coming from a car service station when the wipers had been left on. One went and as soon as she saw his reaction, she grabbed her phone to film the adorable moment.

His eyes were bugging out of his squishable face, peeled to the the window. He followed the movement of the wipers going back and forth with his eyes and head for a little bit before redirecting his focus to Poseley.

“He wasn’t super scared,” Poseley said. “He was unsure and came over to me.”

It was Cooper’s plea to get momma’s protection, which wouldn’t be the first time. Poseley said Cooper is a sweet dog who is curious about everything and acts fierce, but the reality is he will bark at his shadow.

She turned off the wipers as soon as she knew Cooper was uneasy. At least he got to experience it. Poseley tries to introduce him to something new every day such as hats, garbage truck workers, mail carriers, etc. This is an important step in puppy training that will help with socialization and hopefully make him less fearful.

Poseley said she has not tried putting on the wipers with Cooper in the car since she filmed his reaction. Whether or not it is a long-lasting fear for Cooper will be determined, but if he is another like his older brother Sunny, then it might be. Sunny still is unsure about the wipers on the back windshield.

The hilarious clip quickly reached 3.8 million views and over 785,100 likes. TikTok users are obsessing with Cooper’s precious reaction.

“Lil bro is MESMERIZED,” commented TikTok user @anh_and_off.

One viewer added: “There is not one thing this pup could do that is not considered absolutely adorable.”

“Puppy watching a tennis match,” said another.

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This story was originally published December 13, 2023, 6:26 PM.

source: star-telegram

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