April 25, 2024

Emma Stone reacted to speculation that Taylor Swifts song “When Emma Falls in Love” is about her five months after it was released.

While walking the red carpet ahead of the premiere for her movie Poor Things at the DGA Theater in New York City, Emma, 35, was asked if she was the inspiration behind the song.

“Oh,” the Easy A star told Entertainment Tonight before she was asked if she would be flattered to inspire a song. “You would have to ask her.”

After she dodged the question, the interviewer noted that Taylor, 33, was at the movie premiere. “We will see,” Emma responded with a laugh.

While Emma wouldn’t reveal the origin on the song, she did meet up with the singer to pose for photos at the premiere.

Taylor wrote “When Emma Falls in Love” for her 2010 album, Speak Now, though the track didn’t make the cut. However, fans eventually were able to hear it when it was included as a vault track on Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), which was released in July.

In the song, Taylor sings about how her friend named Emma has fallen in love and describes how she acts in the beginning of a relationship.

“When Emma falls in love, she calls up her mom, jokes about the ways that this one could go wrong,” Taylor sings in the beginning of the song. “She waits and takes her time, ’cause little miss sunshine always thinks it’s gonna rain.”

While the “Cruel Summer” singer has never confirmed who the song is about, many have theorized that the La La Land actress inspired the song. After all, the women were close friends when the song was written and have maintained a friendship over the years.

Taylor continued to fuel speculation that the song is about Emma when she performed the song during her Eras tour in July. Before she debuted the song, the “Enchanted” singer explained to the crowd that she wrote the song about one of her best friends.

Both Emma and Taylor have kept details about their friendship out of the spotlight, though they have supported each other’s careers. Not only has Emma been spotted attending several of the “Cardigan” singer’s concerts over the years, but Taylor has gone to a handful of Emma’s movie premieres.

The Cruella actress even shared rare insight about their friendship while speaking to Vanity Fair at the Poor Things premiere and revealed Taylor helped get her tickets to the sold out Eras tour.

“I was lucky ’cause we’ve been friends for a really long time,” she explained about how she got to attend the show during an Arizona concert in March. “I’ve known her since we were 17 and 18, so she hooked me up, which was very nice ’cause I know those tickets are impossible to get.”

Emma added that Taylor “blows [her] mind” as a performer. “The amount of sheer stamina to do three and a half hours and perform 44 songs and to maintain the extreme energy of the audience – I’ve never seen anything like it,” she said.

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This story was originally published December 7, 2023, 10:30 AM.

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