Dog Who ‘Nipped’ Groomer Returned, Now Living Best Life With Elderly Owners

An elderly couple in Georgia took a chance on a dog who was returned to a shelter, giving her the best life during her senior years.

Janet Humphrey has been documenting the relationship between her parents and their dog through the TikTok account @myitalianfamily. In a December 3 TikTok video, she wrote that Ellie, who is about 12 or 13 years old, was returned to the shelter after she “nipped the groomer.”

Ellie has had trouble finding her forever home. Humphrey told Newsweek via email that the canine stuck to herself in the garage where she was living with 15 other dogs. But when the couple visited Ellie, after filling out a 15-page questionnaire application, they knew she was the one.

“At first, Ellie didn’t want to be adopted and stayed by herself in that garage,” Humphrey said. “Mom finally picked up Ellie and put her in Dad’s lap, and she hasn’t left since.”

Someone else was interested in adopting Ellie the same day, but they saw the dog’s connection with her dad and told them that Ellie had found her person.

Since that day four years ago, Ellie has not left her Dad’s side and loves him the most, but it took about two years for Ellie to warm up to the mom.

“As for myself, I try to visit every couple of weeks,” Humphrey said. “Although I can feel she wants to accept me, it seems we always have to start over with each visit, starting with yummy treats, followed by sitting down and keeping things calm, then letting her walk around only if I am still.”

When other visitors come to the house, Humphrey’s parents put Ellie on a leash. They don’t know her past but believe it was a difficult one, based on their experiences with her.

The family members have not given up on Ellie, despite her difficulty warming up to them. Never in their minds did they think returning the dog was an option. Instead, they have been patient and understanding.

 A photo of the Humphrey family with their senior dog named Ellie. The parents adopted Ellie and have been patient as she's learning to trust.Janet Humphrey
A photo of the Humphrey family with their senior dog named Ellie. The parents adopted Ellie and have been patient as she’s learning to trust.Janet Humphrey

In their December 3 clip, the family specifically bought throw rugs for Ellie to stop her from slipping on the hardwood floors.

“She has her own runway!” wrote one viewer.

Another added: “I love you guys. I love your love for her. She is your world. As she should be. The Queen!”

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This story was originally published December 18, 2023, 11:35 AM.

source: star-telegram

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