April 24, 2024

Despite being independent creatures who like to have their personal space, cats do love their owners and can get quite jealous when other animals try to get too close to them.

A cat called Chase has melted hearts on social media after his owner shared his reaction upon learning they were cat-sitting a friend’s feline. In the hilarious clip, shared on TikTok on Saturday under the username @vulpine.cosplays, the poster’s tabby cat can be seen investigating his owners’ furry guest, as the orange feline tries to mind his own business, letting out a couple of hisses here and there.

The hilarious post comes with a caption that reads: “We are babysitting a friend’s cat.” It is followed by: “To be fair I think my friend’s cat is pretty soft too. He jumped away and begged for food after this.”

All cat owners have experienced their cats’ anger after petting another animal, especially if it’s a feline, but is it just us, or are cats really capable of feeling jealousy?

The advice website PetMD says that, while cats can get jealous, they express it in a different way than humans. In felines, jealousy can present as aggression, usually toward other cats that threaten their security, like in the clip, especially if their status or territory is compromised.

Cats can get jealous for many reasons, but mostly it is because they feel insecure or threatened. Aggression in felines often surfaces when they don’t feel in control of their environment.

“Jealousy over the presence of another cat is very common. All cats have different personalities, and some will be made insecure and display jealousy more easily than others. It is important to watch your cat and observe their cues and triggers,” the PetMD website adds.

The video quickly went viral on social media, getting viewers from across TikTok. It has so far received over 1.7 million views and more than 277,000 likes on the platform.

One user, Kii Ja’dore, commented: “I think he trying to tell him he in his spot.”

CuriosityKilledKate posted: “Stripey boy cats are the funniest breeds ever they know they’re bad but they act so innocent.” And alyssa wooff added: “The way he looked at you like ‘you gonna let him talk to me like that!?'”

Newsweek reached out to @vulpine.cosplays for comment via TikTok comments. We could not verify the details of the case.

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