Calvin Harris Drinks ‘Harry Styles’ Bathwater’ at 2024 BRITs: ‘I Enjoyed It’

Calvin Harris got an unexpected surprise beverage at the 2024 BRIT Awards – Harry Styles‘ bathwater!

“Let’s have a little bit of a drink to celebrate,” host Roman Kemp told Harris, 40, during the Saturday, March 2, awards show, held at the O2 Arena in London.

“I know it’s alcohol-free. It’s one with the body,” Kemp, 31, proceeded to tell the DJ. “I’ve got a mocktail for you. Are you ready for this one?”

“Cheers, Roman! Yeah, absolutely,” Harris told Kemp as both stars reached down and picked up shot glasses filled with a cloudy liquid.

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As the two clicked glasses, Harris didn’t even question what he was about to drink. After downing the mysterious liquid, both men made faces expressing the taste they just experienced.

“Oh, it’s a little bit salty,” Kemp revealed as he leaned over and grabbed the bottle out of which the “mocktail” they just drank came.

“I kind of liked it,” Harris said.

“I call it ‘The Saltburn,'” Kemp explained to Harris. The camera then zoomed in on the bottle’s label, and the entire audience started to moan in disgust as they read, “Harry Styles’ Bath Water.”

“It’s a special brew!” Kemp joked.

“I enjoyed it; I’d have another!” Harris added playfully as he reached over, opened the bottle and filled up his shot glass.

The joke, of course, referred to Saltburn, the dark Amazon Original film that follows a college student (Barry Keoghan) who develops an obsession with his Oxford classmate (Jacob Elordi). One particular scene shows Keoghan’s character slurping up the bathwater around the drain after Elordi’s character masturbated while bathing.

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During the awards show, Harris won the BRIT for Best Dance Act for his hit “Miracle,” which featured Ellie Goulding‘s vocals.

During his speech he made sure to thank his “beautiful wife,” Vick Hope, who attended the music event with him, as well as Goulding, 37.

“Ellie, I wouldn’t be on this stage this year if it wasn’t for you, what you brought to ‘Miracle’ was unbelievable,” he said while accepting his award. “I couldn’t have done it with anybody else in this room.”

Harris and Goulding’s track “Miracle” marks the performers’ third collaboration. The duo first worked together in 2013 on the song “I Need Your Love.” Then, the next year in 2014 they joined forces again for “Outside.”

Last March, Harris opened up to “The Hits Radio Breakfast Show” about why he and Goulding are able to create such great music together.

“You just work with someone and it works several times, and it’s just easy in the studio and it’s not awkward, which frequently with me, it can be,” he revealed. “It just flows and you get the best out of each other, it’s one of them.”

“Miracle” was also nominated for two other BRIT awards, including Song of the Year, which went to Raye‘s track “Escapism,” featuring 070 Shake, as well as Pop Act, which was awarded to Dua Lipa.

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This story was originally published March 2, 2024, 7:19 PM.

source: star-telegram

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