April 25, 2024

Most dogs have their own way of greeting their favorite people—whether it’s wagging their tail uncontrollably, or body slamming them as soon as they walk through the door. But this miniature Australian shepherd’s very unusual way of saying hello has delighted the internet.

Whenever Shay Walker returns to her Ohio home, she knows that she’s going to get plenty of attention from her dogs, Jax and Mila. But when it comes to the latter, she likes to show her affection in her own peculiar way, as she turns around and wiggles her tail at her owner, waiting impatiently for “them booty scratches.”

Walker loves seeing Mila’s unusual reaction every time, telling Newsweek that the pup “just gets so excited, she can’t contain herself.” While she may be accustomed to this greeting, it certainly never gets old, and Walker knows exactly what she has to do as soon as she’s home.

Life with two Australian shepherds is never boring, so Walker regularly shares clips of Jax and Mila’s antics on social media (@shay_jax_mila). After posting the hilarious clip of Mila on December 14, it’s already been viewed more than 11,200 times and received over 1,200 likes on TikTok. Social media users can’t get enough of seeing her get “so excited” when her beloved human returns home.

Walker continued: “Aussies are known as wiggle butts and that’s why. Her whole body starts to move so much that she wiggles herself into a ball while she waits for booty scratches.

“Mila’s wiggle has actually got a lot of attention on social media lately. People really seem to enjoy it as much as I do, and some even reached out to tell me that it’s made their day. We’ve gained many new followers due to her wiggle, which is great.”

When thinking about an Australian shepherd, many people might think of the distinctive fur coat, or their piercing blue eyes which are unlike those of any other breed. But what they may not realize is that this breed loves to give people a very warm welcome in their own unique way, just as Mila displayed.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) highlights that the breed loves nothing more than to shake their entire body with excitement whenever they’re greeting someone, so owners had better get used to this strange greeting. The AKC also highlights the breed’s ability to form an incredibly strong bond with their owner, which is why these greetings aren’t just given to anyone.

Since Walker posted the video of Mila on TikTok, she’s been delighted by the positive response she’s received so far. As her dogs bring so much laughter and happiness to her own life, she loves seeing them “bring joy to so many other people” too.

With plenty of comments on the TikTok post already, many people have been left highly amused by Mila’s unexpected way of saying hello to her favorite person. One comment reads: “Hahaha booty scratcher is home!”

Another person wrote: “Always gotta give the booty scratches!”

While another TikToker responded: “Awww she looks like a little raccoon.”

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This story was originally published December 23, 2023, 6:30 AM.

source: star-telegram

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