Ad That ‘Doesn’t Specify’ Which Pets Can Meet Santa Gets Unexpected Guest

A store that did not specify which pets could meet Santa got a tiny, unexpected guest in the form of Jitterbug the hamster.

Camryn Hadley shared Jitterbug’s adorable meeting with Santa in a viral TikTok video uploaded to the platform on December 18.

She told Newsweek that Jitterbug has been spoiled ever since she was brought home from a New Jersey PetSmart store and that this Christmas would be no different after seeing an ad to have pets take their photos with Santa.

And the clip, which can be seen here, did not disappoint as Jitterbug was well-behaved while she was held by a much younger-looking Santa. “POV [point of view]: You bring your hamster to photos with Santa bc [because] the ad doesn’t specify the type of pet,” the video caption said.

Jitterbug proved to steal the show as staff soon took their own photos of the young Santa with Jitterbug held securely in his hands.

“We saw the ad for photos with Santa back in November and immediately booked it at the same store she came from,” Hadley told Newsweek. “While we waited, we had some employees ask us who was in there since it was only dogs in line.

“We think they were nervous of her being a snake or something. She immediately went into his hands and stayed still for the photos because she is used to getting her photo taken. The entire staff was obsessed and ended up taking their own photos of her because she was so well-behaved.”

The TikToker told Newsweek reactions to the video “have been crazy,” ranging from Jitterbug’s cuteness to the teenage Santa.

“Overall we are both proud ‘pawrents’ who can’t wait to spoil her with gifts and toys in her personalized stocking this year,” Hadley added.

Online Reaction to Post

Since being shared, the clip has attracted more than 2.3 million views and has been liked more than 350,000 times.

Many who commented on the video were delighted with Jitterbug’s meeting with Santa, and some shared their pet’s festive experiences.

TikTok user Stef said: “The way he is holding the hamster is so funny.”

Jordan added: “Hamsters deserve to enjoy Christmas too.”

Quack commented: “The Santa concentrating so hard while holding the hamster.”

Kristi posted: “When our bunny was alive, we took her to see Santa. I think they love when other animals besides dogs show up.”

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This story was originally published December 23, 2023, 9:00 AM.

source: star-telegram

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