9 Ways to Work From Home for AAA — And How to Get Paid as You Train

If you drive in the U.S., no doubt you’ve heard of the American Automobile Association, aka AAA, commonly pronounced as “Triple A”. That’s because AAA has become synonymous with 24/7 emergency roadside assistance for stranded drivers. Since 1915, this not-for-profit organization has been getting urgent help to its members who find themselves stuck on the road with a flat tire, empty gas tank or mechanical problem. Today, AAA offers even more services, including travel arrangements, insurance coverage and banking. No wonder they boast a membership of a whopping 61 million people! Better yet? If you’re looking for a way to make money, no commute needed, AAA work from home jobs are the perfect way to do it!

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Can I work for AAA from home?

Yes! It’s exactly because of AAA’s popularity and diverse set of services that the organization needs a large team of customer service agents to help its millions of members. And since many customer service roles can be done with just a phone, computer and high-speed Internet connection, AAA is happy to let their customer service agents who have these tools work from home in full-time and part-time positions.

AAA customer service reps assist members with a wide variety of issues, including 24/7 roadside assistance, travel services (such as vacation planning, maps and passport information) and insurance that covers homes, cars, life and rental.

In some cases, in-person training at a nearby AAA location is required for a few weeks before you can start working from home. Otherwise, training is provided remotely. And in virtually all cases, AAA pays you during your training period, so you’re earning a paycheck as you learn. Here are answers to some common questions:

1. Who is best-suited to be a remote customer service representative?

“For those looking at a role as a remote customer service professional, there are some key traits that make you a great fit,” says Toni Frana, Lead Career Expert at FlexJobs. “As this role is critical to many businesses’ retention strategies, people who have empathy, good communication skills, patience and an ability to problem-solve are ideal candidates,” she notes. “Someone looking to work remotely in a customer service role needs to be comfortable working with people and overcoming concerns in a calm manner. In addition, being able to adhere to compliance standards, confidentiality practices and having good telephone etiquette are pluses.”

2. What skills are needed to be a work-at-home customer service agent?

“Success in a remote customer service role requires a good mix of both hard and soft skills,” says Frana. “Soft skills, like attention to detail and patience, are helpful when working with customers to resolve issues,” she observes. “In addition, a critical part of a role in customer service involves keeping accurate records of interactions with customers. Being comfortable working on a computer and entering data, typing accurately and quickly, as well as having strong and clear writing skills will help ensure success in this role.”

3. How can you excel as a remote customer service rep?

“One of my friends ran the remote customer service team for a major airline, and she told me a technique she uses that I just adore,” shares Jay Baer, customer experience expert and author of The Time to Win: How to Exceed Your Customers’ Need for Speed. “Even though her interactions with flyers were always by phone, email, chat or social media, she would create a mental picture of the customer every time. It helped her to humanize the communication and to keep empathy where it belongs: at the top of the priority list for customer service representatives!”

4. How much do AAA work from home customer service jobs pay?

Starting pay for AAA customer service positions ranges from $15 to $23 per hour, depending on the role, location and your experience. You may also qualify for comprehensive benefits that include medical, dental, vision and prescription coverage, paid holidays and time off, tuition reimbursement, complimentary AAA membership and more.

9 AAA work-from-home jobs for you

If you’d like to work from home as a AAA customer service rep, here are 9 positions that require only a high school diploma or GED to start.

1. Remote Emergency Roadside Telephone Responder

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Even though AAA has widened its scope to offer other services (including booking travel and providing insurance), 24/7 roadside assistance remains one of its most popular offerings. Indeed, AAA responds to nearly 30 million driver emergency calls on average ever year. So, if you enjoy the satisfaction that comes from helping others, you can play a key role in getting much-needed aid to stranded motorists by applying as a AAA Remote Emergency Roadside Telephone Responder.

In this position, you’d answer a high volume of incoming calls from AAA members who need towing, fuel, a locksmith, a battery jumpstart or a mechanic. To get the member’s help, you’d use online mapping tools to pinpoint their breakdown location and figure out where they can get their vehicle towed. And you’d relay this information to emergency care teams who can assist them. You’d also ask questions to find out if the driver’s situation requires special handling, say, due to safety concerns, and you’d reassure the caller by providing information about when help will arrive and suggest other ways AAA can help them in the situation.

2. Customer Service Representative for AAA Membership

AAA relies on paid memberships to continue providing all its many services. So, as a Customer Service Representative for AAA Membership, it would be your responsibility to work directly with folks who call to renew or upgrade their membership. You’d also ask them questions to find out if they’d be interested in signing up for other AAA services and products that meet their needs.

3. Member Escalations Specialist

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Do you pride yourself on your patience and ability to problem-solve? You’d excel as a AAA Member Escalations Specialist. The person in this position fields calls from members who have issues related to service or sales that they’ve had difficulty resolving. So, you’d research their complaint, investigate AAA policies and procedures, and determine reimbursements they may be due.

4. AAA Travel Contact Center Sales Associate

AAA may have started as a way to help drivers taking road trips, but now the organization has expanded to help members taking all sorts of journeys, whether it’s by car, rail or air. So, if you have a special interest in travel, you may want to apply as a AAA Travel Contact Center Sales Associate. In this role, you’d handle incoming calls, emails and web chats from folks who look to you to help them book hotel rooms, airline tickets, train tickets and rental car reservations.

5. AAA ‘Magic’ Engineer for Disney vacations

Disney vacations are so popular that AAA has dedicated an entire team exclusively to managing Disney-related trips. So, if you’re as big a fan of Walt Disney getaways as AAA members and have an in-depth knowledge of Disney vacations, you’d thrive as a AAA Magic Engineer. You’d be the AAA touchpoint who advises members on Walt Disney World, Walt Disney Land, Disney Cruise Line and Adventures by Disney. Members would turn to you for help in planning, scheduling and purchasing individual and family trips, vacations and cruise packages. You’d be responsible for booking reservations and arranging payment for all aspects of the getaway, including airline tickets, car rental, lodging, travel insurance and excursions.

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6. Customer Service Representative for AAA Insurance

Curious about the insurance field and want to give it a try? As a Customer Service Representative for AAA Insurance, you’ll learn about a wide array of insurance products and services, including auto, home, life, travel and business insurance. Then, you’d field phone calls from members who want your help with their insurance needs, such as adding another vehicle to their policy. You’d also troubleshoot issues with policyholders, assisting with problems and finding solutions that work best for them.

7. AAA Insurance Customer Service Representative

Decided for sure that you want to launch a career in insurance and want help moving forward in this field? Applying as AAA Insurance Customer Service Representative could be the right step for you. Under the direct supervision of an insurance specialist, you’d be taught a wide spectrum of insurance responsibilities. These include processing insurance documents (such as discount forms, driver change requests and cancellations) and handling claim-related calls and payments. Within two years, you’d be expected to earn your Property & Casualty (P&C) License, which would help you continue moving ahead in your insurance career.

8. AAA Life Insurance Company Member Services Advocate

Is your interest in insurance specifically related to life insurance? If so, you may want to apply to be a AAA Life Insurance Company Member Services Advocate. The AAA Life Insurance Company relies on Member Services Advocates to answer a high volume of phone calls from people interested in learning more about AAA Life products and who wish to enroll. You’d also help existing policyholders with problems and connect them to the right people who can resolve them.

9. Member Specialist for the AAA Support Center

If you prefer a customer service job that handles a little bit of everything, you’d be an ideal candidate for a position as a Member Specialist for the AAA Support Center. In this role, you’d answer questions and take action for all sorts of AAA services, including arranging road assistance, booking travel, sharing information about insurance options and processing membership renewals.

How to find AAA work-from-home customer service jobs

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You can browse all open remote customer service positions by visiting the AAA Customer Service Job Board and filtering your results by checking the box for “remote” positions.

You can also find AAA remote customer service positions by looking on Indeed and FlexJobs.

Keep in mind that AAA is an organization that’s a collection of more than 30 individual motor clubs with 1,000 branch offices across North America. This means that even when a job is looking for a remote employee, it may only be open to applicants in specific states, areas of the country or within driving distance of a certain AAA center. So be sure to look for positions that are accepting applicants where you live.

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