1 failed, rat droppings, roaches seen in Dallas inspections


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One restaurant failed, several required re-inspections, and rat droppings and roaches were seen in the latest Dallas inspections, according to city data.

There were 727 inspections from Nov. 15 to Dec. 14.

Dallas inspection data is based on a 100-point system. A score range of 100-90 is considered to be very good and the next inspection is the regular six-month inspection. Scores from 89-80 are considered good with the same next six-month inspection window. Scores from 79-70 are passing and require re-inspection within 30 days. Scores from 69-60 are failing and require follow-up inspections within 10 days or the establishment faces closure. Scores under 60 are unacceptable and require closure and inspection before reopening.

No restaurant scored under 60 in the latest Dallas inspection period.

Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken at 4001 West Wheatland Road was the only restaurant that failed with a score of 66.

Eleven places required re-inspections:

  • Sunset Crab Shack at 1625 South Buckner Blvd, 70
  • Dunston’s Steakhouse at 5423 West Lovers Lane, 71
  • Tepa Bar & Grill at 428 South Hampton Road, 71
  • Brothers Mart and Bakery at 9205 Skillman Street, 73
  • Tacos La Welta at 8702 South Lancaster Road, 73
  • Stop-N-Shop Food Mart at 3195 Great Trinity Forest Way, 74
  • Tuyet Tofu at 9780 Walnut Street, 76
  • Save Way Food Store at 1562 East Ann Arbor Avenue, 77
  • Torteria Guerrero at 3474 Webb Chapel Extension, 77
  • 1 Stop at 1406 East Overton Road, 78
  • Mi Linda Guatemala at 9625 Webb Chapel Road, 78

Lyari Cafe at 11641 Harry Hines Blvd was the only restaurant with a follow-up inspection, scoring an 80.

Rat droppings were seen at Mr. Food Mart/Barbecue at 4134 North Westmoreland Road and at ARS (Advanced Restaurant Solutions).

Roaches were seen at:

  • Tepa Bar & Grill at 428 South Hampton Road, 71

  • Skyline High School at 7777 Forney Road, 85

  • Bryan Adams High School at 2101 Millmar Drive, 90

Here are the inspection scores and violations for restaurants within the city limits of Dallas for Nov. 15th – Drc. 14th, 2023. A score of 100 is a perfect score and 70 is considered to be extremely poor. Scores below 80 require a re-inspection, and below 60 require closure and inspection before reopening. To search the restaurant inspections, type in a keyword or restaurant name. You can also sort by score.

This story was originally published December 16, 2023, 5:49 PM.

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