Young Adults – Northwest Bible Church – Dallas, TX

I became a part of the Northwest ministry family in July of 2019. My wife and I moved from Louisiana to Dallas to attend Dallas Theological Seminary, however, it was the love and community of Northwest that made Dallas feel like home. In 2018 I took part in Northwest’s Residency Program and now, it is my joy to serve in Northwest’s mission to invite people into the unexpected joy of desperate dependence on Jesus as the Young Adults and Men’s Minister. 

Doing the right thing always seemed to come naturally to me. Growing up in a Christian home, I prided myself on being the “good kid” that other parents used as an example. It wasn’t until my junior year in high school that God began to reveal how my outward behavior was merely a smokescreen to cover up a desperate longing for something more, something that could only be found in a relationship with Him. When I went to college, I set off on an adventure to understand the depths of God’s love, the beauty of His grace, and the life-altering fulfillment found only in knowing Him. It is my joy to be a traveling companion for others on their own journeys to know the one true Hero of all stories. My great hope is to embolden the faith of others as we travel down the road of life together.

In my free time I’ll either be sweating in the gym or relaxing with my wife, Kacy, watching Neflix. I love reading, watching, or listening to grand stories and enjoy good conversation over great food.  If you need someone to go to lunch with, I’m your guy.

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