April 24, 2024

The episode opened with Peter Weber denying his invitation to join the Traitors meaning that at breakfast, all twelve players returned with Phaedra Parks and Parvati Shallow remaining as the only Traitors. A booby-trapped forest competition proved difficult for the players, and then as the group formed their plans for the Round Table, Alan Cumming arrived with a new twist to the game.

The Traitors (along with Alan and his over-the-top outfits) is now over halfway through Season 2, and so far it’s been glorious. It was also recently announced to be the #1 unscripted series in the U.S. across all streaming platforms, according to Nielsen.

22 players from shows like Big Brother, The Challenge and The Real Housewives entered the Scottish mansion and were assigned the titles of either Traitor or Faithful. Now they’re eliminating each other one by one, duking it out for the $250,000 prize pot.

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Here’s everything that went down in Episodes 7 of The Traitors Season 2:

Who was murdered on The Traitors Season 2 Episode 7?

No one. Because Phaedra Parks and Parvati Shallow opted to recruit last week rather than murder, all twelve remaining contestants showed up at the breakfast table this week. Since Peter denied their invitation to join the Traitors, the official count remained ten Faithfuls and two Traitors chowing down on boiled eggs and porridge.

Who was banished on The Traitors Season 2 Episode 7?

Also no one. This week also contained a twist in which no Round Table was held. Instead the twelve remaining contestants were taken into the woods where a torch-lit ceremony protected seven players from the night’s murder while five were left at the mercy of the Traitors.

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Who did the Traitors recruit in Episode 7?

No one as well. While they tried to recruit Peter at the beginning of the episode, he denied their invitation. At the end of the episode, because no Traitors were banished, Parvati and Phaedra were not given the opportunity to recruit again.

Who won Shields during Episode 7?

In the mission, the original shields for the episode were won by Sandra Diaz-Twine and Kevin Kreider. However, at the torch ceremony in the woods, they started a chain handing out shields one at a time until only five players remained up for elimination.

The protected players in order are:

  1. Sandra Diaz Twine (won a shield in the mission)
  2. Kevin Kreider (won a shield in the mission)
  3. Sheree Whitfield (given a shield by Sandra and Kevin)
  4. Phaedra Parks (given a shield by Sheree)
  5. Chris “CT” Tamburello (given a shield by Phaedra)
  6. John Bercow (given a shield by CT)
  7. Peter Weber (given a shield by John)

That leaves Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen, Kate Chastain, Mercedes “MJ” Javid and Trishelle Cannatella up for murder since Parvati Shallow, who also doesn’t have a Shield, is a Traitor.

Which players remain in The Traitors Season 2?

With ten players eliminated, there remain 12 contestants in the hunt for the $250,000, with two Traitors and ten Faithfuls. The remaining players are:

  • Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen (Faithful)
  • Chris “CT” Tamburello (Faithful)
  • John Bercow (Faithful)
  • Kate Chastain (Faithful)
  • Kevin Kreider (Faithful)
  • Mercedes “MJ” Javid (Faithful)
  • Parvati Shallow (Traitor)
  • Peter Weber (Faithful)
  • Phaedra Parks (Traitor)
  • Sandra Diaz-Twine (Faithful)
  • Sheree Whitfield (Faithful)
  • Trishelle Cannatella (Faithful)

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