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Love the smell of fresh bread baking or surrounding yourself with the sugary taste of your favorite treat?  You might be a candidate to buy a bakery and join an industry that is serious about serving up the American public.  The American Bakers Association reports that baking is a $310 billion dollar industry employing 709,870 people. The retail side of the equation is around $19 billion according to the group that represents the interests of the industry nationwide. That just proves that we Americans just can’t get enough of this sweet stuff.  In honor of National Cookie Day – December 4 – a new, national survey of 1,000 adults for OnePoll.com found that Americans eat an average of 18,928 cookies in a lifetime. That means you can make a lot of dough (pun intended!) in this part of the business. 

Buying a bakery has become a more popular path to restaurant ownership in recent years for several reasons.  First, many seeking a restaurant also want a lifestyle that does not include late nights or the service of alcohol.  A bakery for sale opportunity fits that need perfectly. While you (generally) have to be willing to get up early to have that unmatched smell of fresh bread baking each day, the late nights that accompany many restaurant careers don’t come into the mix.  The other benefit of buying a bakery is the ability to focus on just the food and deliciousness coming from the oven without the worries of an alcohol license. 

Our buyers often look at franchise bakeries for sale as that path continues to grow with brand names like Atlanta Bread Company at the forefront of growth. Others take on an independent concept and grow the demand by not only serving their retail client base but also establishing strong relationships with chefs, hotels, and other restaurants that want fresh baked goods but don’t want to employ a full-time baker.  This can be a great source of additional revenue if you’re buying an underperforming bakery for sale.  Expand the catering line to hotels that need to offer a continental breakfast (featuring your baked goods of course!) and build relationships with chefs who often prefer to focus on the sweet and savory sides of the menu rather than baking.  

Many bakeries for sale locations are only open from 7 am to 2 pm daily.  Some franchise bakery for sale concepts are shipped the items directly from a commissary or shared prep location for the brand and then “proofed” and baked on-site.  This gives your restaurant the ambiance and credibility of baking without having to have an expert pastry chef on hand.  Finding a business to buy is as easy as browsing our bakery for sale listings or contact the Restaurant Brokers for more information on the latest trends in the industry. 

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