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Selling your home via a real estate agent

When you choose a real estate agent, your home will be listed on MLS to maximize the number of people who see it. However, the agent will also evaluate your property before they go live on MLS, mainly to check if there are repairs needed or if the home needs to be remodeled. Sometimes parts like the kitchen or the bathroom may require remodeling. If remodeling is required, the real estate agent will advise that you spend your time and money on doing it before selling the home, as that maximizes the chances of a sale sooner than later. Sometimes all that’s needed is a minor paint job. Regardless, there may be a cost associated with bringing the home up to market condition, cleaning it out, staging the home, and hosting open houses. At the end of the sale, you also need to pay the realtor a commission which can be an average of 8% of what the home sells for.

Selling To A Cash Buyer

We buy houses Dallas for cash so when the homeowner does not have the time or the money to spend on renovations or putting the home on the market and waiting for a buyer, we will buy it from them. As a cash for home buyer, we buy properties regardless of their condition. Furthermore, selling to us is quicker compared to hiring a real estate agent. We can close a sale within a week after making an offer for your home. Furthermore, we pay most of the costs, including closing costs, so that you get 100% of what we originally offered for the home. While you may not get as much money by selling to a cash buyer like us, there is far less risk involved in terms of time and effort. Selling to us means you can move on with your life soon after, even if your home was nearing foreclosure or you were working through a divorce.

If you don’t have the time and would rather sell your home ASAP, a cash buyer like us is your best bet. Furthermore, getting a no-obligation offer does not cost you a dime. Get in touch with us, describe your home and its location, our team will then use that information to make you an offer. We will then move ahead with the sale once you agree.

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