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2022 Honda Insight

Dallas, GA

The process started out good but went downhill. Finding the car was the easy part (great Selection). Once I found my car I stated the paperwork, with the help of online agents and phone calls. Got my financing through my credit union. With the paperwork done insurance verified and financing secured I thought all was well, not so. I went onto my Carvana dashboard where they show you things you need to complete, before final pickup. I saw Financing was highlighted as needing to be done. I called Carvana and they walked me through the steps to setup Plaid (a system they use which connects to your financial institution and verifies the funds and then on the day of pickup withdraws the down-payment). With an agent from Carvana on the phone, we then 3 way called my credit Union, spoke with a rep there and again verified the funds. Finished, or so I thought. The day before delivery I get a text saying the car has been delayed (coming from Arizona). Knowing the trucking industry is tight right now, no big deal (not their fault). A week later I go down to pickup my car from the big vending machine. Guess what, its broken. Again, not their fault, things happen, but in hindsight I would recommend getting the car delivered to your door. Sign the paperwork, hand over a certified check from my credit union for the balance of the car. Done in under 10 mins (nice). Done, NOPE. Gentleman hands me the key and notices their is only one. He puts in a work order for a second key through SilverRock (their 3rd party which handles claims). Drive off and realize I have less than a half tank of gas. I would have believed they would have at least given me a FULL tank. Not a huge deal as the car is a 2022 Honda Hybrid (which I will say is averaging 60mpg). Now after a WEEK of having the car I’m getting texts and phone calls saying my down payment wasn’t taken out of my account by Plaid (their Secure system, with funds VERIFIED, TWICE). Unfortunately they Do NOT have a finance dept. you can talk to directly to find out what went wrong. They are now saying i need to send a certified check (which costs money) or put the down payment on a credit Card. How is this my FAULT, the funds are their, just go in and pluck it out. They say they can’t, with NO Explanation. As I’m writing this we are still working on getting the funds to them. What started out as an EASY process has turned into a pain. I would recommend them to a friend, but with a word of CAUTION.

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3.8 OUT OF 5

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