Turkish Airlines Takes Delivery Of 2 More New Aeroflot Airbus A350s

It now has four A350s that were destined for Aeroflot, with two more still to be delivered.

Turkish Airlines has received two more A350-900s that were initially destined to enter Aeroflot’s fleet. They join the first two that arrived in July, with two more still to materialize. It means the Star Alliance airline now has 11 A350s.

With sanctions on Russia unlikely to be removed soon, Aeroflot didn’t need the aircraft, so they were taken up by Turkish Airlines instead. However, they remain in Aeroflot’s configuration and interior colors and are in a partial livery. Despite causing further product and brand inconsistency, it’s unclear how long they’ll remain like that.


Two more A350s arrive

On August 2nd, Turkish Airlines received TC-LGK and TC-LGL. According to Flightradar24, the first to land at Istanbul Airport, Europe’s busiest airport in June, was LGL. After a three-hour flight from Toulouse, it arrived at 15:24 as Turkish Six Eight Three Zero. Some 21 minutes later, LGK arrived as Turkish Six Eight Three Two. It’s not yet known when they’ll enter commercial service.

Turkish Airlines now has four A350s that Aeroflot would have used:

  1. TC-LGI: was to be VP-BXS with Aeroflot; positioned from Toulouse on July 8th and entered service on July 11th between Istanbul and Baku
  2. TC-LGJ: ex-VP-BYE; positioned from Toulouse on July 7th and entered service on the 9th from Istanbul Airport to Dalaman
  3. TC-LGK: ex-VP-BYJ; positioned from Toulouse on August 2nd
  4. TC-LGL: ex-VP-BYB; positioned from Toulouse on August 2nd

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Turkish’s A350s

Turkish Airlines’ A350-900s have 329 seats. There are 32 in business and 297 in economy. In contrast, the aircraft initially planned for Aeroflot have 316, with 28 in business and 288 in economy. They have 4% fewer seats.

The different configurations are easy to spot in schedules available via OAG and Cirium. According to the latest data, some 20 routes from Istanbul Airport will now see the 316-seat equipment until the end of December. Expect this to change as more flights are loaded for the two new aircraft.

For now, Dhaka will see the config the most, followed by Tashkent, JFK, Cape Town, and Casablanca. Most of the others are infrequent. For example, Bucharest is down for just one flight (September 5th), likewise Prague (August 12th) and Zürich (August 12th).

Turkish Airlines routes using A350s that were planned for Aeroflot

Where its 316-seat A350s will fly between August and December, as of August 3rd. Note that some have one or very few flights. Image: GCMap.

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A day in the life

When writing, Turkish Airlines has planned up to six departures a day using its 316-seat A350s, with the maximum occurring on September 3rd, 4th, 10th, 17th, 18th, 24th, and 25th. On the 4th, for example, there’s the following. As you can see, it’d require four A350s, but the schedules aren’t yet complete:

  1. 01:05: TK368 from Istanbul to Tashkent, arrives back at 12:15
  2. 01:45: TK338 to Baku, arrives back at 09:00
  3. 10:25: TK651 to Algiers, arrives back at 19:00
  4. 12:15: TK617 to Casablanca, arrives back at 23:20
  5. 18:35: TK712 to Dhaka, arrives back at 12:05 the next day
  6. 18:40: TK370 to Tashkent, arrive back at 05:55 the next day

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