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The Reliable Difference

We never underestimate the power of a smile and it shows in our restorations!


At Reliable we have a true passion and love for the industry as a whole. We believe that sharing and embracing the same vision as our customers is the key to long term successful relationships that ultimately benefit the patient and that is what our organization is about. We train and teach with a philosophy that helps our team members see beyond the impression or model and to see the possibility that they may be changing a life through a smile.


What Makes Us Different


One Lab Does It All Concept – 3 Tier Pricing for both Crown & Bridge and Removable allows our clients to meet each patients needs individually. Our goal is to be the only dental lab you ever need.


Consistent Quality Restorations Delivered on Time – Each employee brings their own unique talents to the organization. We strive to nurture and encourage those talents as well as career growth throughout our company. This reduces employee turnover and helps keep our quality consistent.


Need a Case Fast? – We have the capability to expedite cases as quickly as 24-48 hours.


A Lab With a Sense of Community – We take great pride in being able to give back to the communities we serve. We work with many non-profit organizations as well as individual practices who do their own pro bono work.


Come and Visit the Lab – Our customers are always encouraged to spend time at the lab working side by side with our team to better understand the flow and fabrication side of the restoration.


Education is Our Passion and Better Dentistry is our Mission – We Help Doctors Stay Current in Today’s Ever Changing Industry One CE Event at a Time!!!

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