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What are people saying about outdoor movies in Dallas, TX?

This is a review for outdoor movies in Dallas, TX:

“This place has seen better days. Seems dingy and dirty. Lobby was really warm.
We were told to line up on the stairs: All of you. And the ones waiting to go in the theater went up the stairs which cleared the lobby but then all the new people came in and stood around, so the people who had been there the longest, didn’t get to go in first.
While waiting on the stairs, I looked up and some big pieces of paint had fallen off and some other spots were peeling.
Bought a drink at the bar and asked the guy why it was so hot in there and he said: old AC unit.
Not sure how/if they keep the couches clean.
I don’t plan to go back to that theatre unless there’s a remodel. I’d rather drive to a nice place.”

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