Top 10 Best Doggy Daycare in Dallas, TX – September 2022 – Yelp

What are people saying about pet sitting services in Dallas, TX?

This is a review for a pet sitting business in Dallas, TX:

“BHV Central is a newer location but this doggy daycare has mad potential!!

From the second you walk in, the puppy sections & outdoor areas are all very clean.They keep the pups sectioned off inside and take them out 7+ times a day. I’m not sure about their other locations but Dallas Central is a little small. I don’t remember seeing a playroom for them to all play together inside either. And they’re not specialized in grooming but offer bathing services.

The customer service was exceptional. They took special care of my lil Bro and even surprised me with an Instagram post updating me on his activities for the day! It is a newer location but like I said, they have potential!”

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