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What are people saying about abandoned buildings near North Dallas, Dallas, TX?

This is a review for abandoned buildings near North Dallas, Dallas, TX:

“UPDATE: I have downgraded the rating to one star. This place is HORRIBLE! People allow their pets to poop anywhere and do not clean it up. Management absolutely has not addressed the issue because it keeps happening. Neighbors on my hall leave the bags full of their dog’s poop outside of their apartment for days for valet trash pick up. It’s disgusting and against the rules. There is no need to report these issues because they won’t be addressed. I’ve reported it, and they still occur. There are still abandoned cars on the property. The back gate is always broken which gives anyone the opportunity to access the community. I watched a guy drive in with a truck load of garbage, unload it in the dumpster, and then drive away.

I hate living here and will not be renewing my lease.”

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