April 24, 2024

She worked three jobs – cleaning houses, tending bar and making Subway sandwiches – before scoring a soap opera role in her native Australia as a teen. Yet Margot Robbie remained broke. Luckily, her single mom made sacrifices to help support her. “She’d take money out of the house mortgage and lend [it to] me,” recalled Margot, 33, who wrote down every dollar she borrowed. “I have that piece of paper still.”

After starring in The Wolf of Wall Street in 2013, though, Margot paid off her mom’s entire mortgage – and now she’s the reigning highest-paid actress in the world two years running, earning a reported $59 million for her work acting in and producing Barbie, 2023’s top-grossing film. “The success of Barbie has solidified Margot’s A-list status,” an insider exclusively tells Life & Style. “She’s the biggest star on the planet!”

Rejecting Clichés

Margot’s refused to coast on her beauty or play the Hollywood dating game to fuel her fame. “I made a conscious decision not to date actors,” she’s admitted, because “it’s just double the amount of scrutiny, and I’d like to avoid that at all costs.”‘

Instead, in 2014 – a year after meeting her husband of seven years, British director-producer Tom Ackerley, 33 – Margot forged a far more lucrative career as a producer, co-founding LuckyChap, the production company behind lauded films like I, Tonya, Promising Young Woman and Saltburn. “Margot prides herself on succeeding without compromising herself,” a source tells Life & Style, “or revealing too much about her private life with Tom.”

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This story was originally published March 21, 2024, 5:53 PM.

source: star-telegram

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