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PAW Patrol Experience is here at the Dallas CAMP store! PAW Patrol CAMP to the rescue! It’s time to suit up and join the bravest pack of pups around! Discover PAW Patrol CAMP, an immersive experience where no job is too big and no pup is too small. Our family recently visited the attraction and we are sharing everything you need to know about Dallas’ latest family-friendly attraction.

Paw patrol experiencePaw patrol experience

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This Dallas family attraction is created by CAMP, the experts in all things family fun, kids of all ages will be able to live out their rescue team dreams through themed environments, games, and activities celebrating their favorite group of adventurous canines.

Our family enjoyed our visit to the PAW Patrol Experience as part of our Dallas Fall Bucket List.

What is CAMP?

CAMP is a Family Experience Company, with pop-up events around the country. They have rotating themed experiences, and Every surface is a seamless blend of play and product. It’s all about family fun and you can tell from the moment you step foot inside.

CAMP engages and inspires families through play, content, experiential commerce, imaginative spaces, and fun. It’s free to shop and normally it’s free to explore their play area when the PAW Patrol Experience isn’t in town. There’s a secret passage to an entire new space that provides a hands on experience kids love.

CAMP Dallas CAMP Dallas

The PAW Patrol Experience Highlights

The PAW Patrol Experience is only at the CAMP Dallas store until October 31st, so plan your visit quickly. Here’s what you can expect to see during your visit:

Adventure Bay’s iconic Lookout tower

Kids can communicate with one another across the experience with an intercom system.

Paw patrol dallas experiencePaw patrol dallas experiencePhoto courtesy of CAMP Dallas

City Hall

Kids can grab hold of a fire hose and douse a colorful projection of out-of-control fireworks alongside Marshall at City Hall. This was my kids’ favorite activity!

Paw Patrol Dallas Paw Patrol Dallas Photo courtesy of CAMP Dallas

Mayor Humdinger’s Shop for Cats

Inside this area, kids can show off how brave they are by sailing down an indoor zipline. Watch our experience here.

Camp Dallas Camp Dallas Photo courtesy of CAMP Dallas

PAW Patrol dance party

This is where the CAMP counselors really shine. They played music while the kids danced to the melodies of singing that was catered to PAW Patrol characters. Hearing live music is something I have missed since the pandemic began. It was a nice surprise!

CAMP Dallas Live EntertainmentCAMP Dallas Live Entertainment

PAW Patrol Experience Tips

Plan ahead and accordingly

If you can go during the week on a Monday – Thursday, reserve your time then! We went on a Friday before a holiday weekend and it was quite crowded making it challenging to take photos without others in them. Also, the admission tickets during the week are less than the weekend tickets.

Paw Patrol Dallas Experience-3Paw Patrol Dallas Experience-3

Give the Toy Talk ahead of time

CAMP stores are essentially toy stores. There is a lot of adorable and irrestiable toys available for sell.Be prepared to either purchase a toy or give your kids a heads up that you will not be purchasing additional toys so they aren’t let down during your visit. I told my kids if they behaved nicely and followed directions during our visit I would purchase them both one toy within our budget. CAMP stores give you $5 gift cards per PAW patrol ticket to spend on merchandise.

The Paw Patrol Experience FAQs

How do I reserve The Paw Patrol Experience Tickets?

Adults and kids ages 2 and up need a ticket to enjoy the experience. Tickets get you entry into the playable Paw-some experience filled with tons of toys to shop for, activities, and whole family fun!

Ticket prices vary depending on the day ($15 – $20 for kids 2 and up including adults). During our visit, we were given $5 back to spend on Paw Patrol merchandise that is sold in the exhibit.

Are masks required?

At the Texas store face coverings are required for children ages 2-12 and all adults, vaccinated and unvaccinated,  in accordance with local mandates. CAMP Counselors are required to wear face coverings. That being said, they allowed for face coverings to not be worn for photos and honestly, it wasn’t enforced during our visit. Read CAMP’s Covid-19 policies.

Can you bring strollers inside?

You can bring strollers inside the CAMP stores and experience; however, it is a tight space so it may be hard to manuever once inside.

How long does it take to enjoy the Paw Patrol Experience?

Our visit was complete after an hour and a half. We had time to try out all the fun things including the arts and crafts and dance party! You could easily finish your visit in an hour.

Is it worth it to visit?

This is a subjective question. What I think may be worth our time, may be different for you; however, I can tell you that a week later both my kids (ages 4 and 8) talk about how cute and fun it is. They enjoyed playing with the exhibits and searching for a toy while I enjoyed the photo opportunities. (Blog Mom Life)

CAMP DallasCAMP Dallas


If your kids love Paw Patrol they will go bananas over this experience. I have always heard that CAMP stores were amazing in general so a visit there alone is worthwhile. I loved how surprised my kids were to enter a secret passage to enter “Adventure Bay”. The details in this exhibit are incredible. This limited time experience is only in Dallas, TX until October 31, so I encourage families to carve out some time to try something different. It’s a great playdate option that offers something unique and hands-on. For more information please visit their website.

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