The 10 Best Piano Lessons in Dallas, TX (with Free Estimates)

Kelle G.

Honestly, she’s the best. I’ve made significant progress over the last few months I’ve been learning from her. She’s very enthusiastic. She’s really into positive reinforcement.

When you learn a song with the left hand, you get a sticker, when you learn a song with the right hand, you get a sticker, when you can play with both hands, you get a third sticker. I’m 32 and for some reason, that even works for me.

She hosts end of year recitals which I think would be really great for children.

She’s pretty flexible with the schedule as long as you tell her early on before your scheduled





are structured for sight reading, technique, theory and classical training, as well as pop songs. She will let you pick a pop song and play it if you’re on that technique level, but she’s honest with you if you aren’t there yet.

She’s a great teacher, honestly. Look her up on YouTube. I felt bad that she has to listen to me play Mary Had A Little Lamb when she’s basically a



Dr. Su Kim Piano StudioDr. Su Kim Piano Studio

Dr. Su Kim Piano Studio

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