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We have been helping newcomers to the scrap metal business get started for years and have learned a lot about mistakes that are commonly made. By far the biggest is focusing to much on sourcing scrap metal and find the best price before learning the laws and regulations in their region or state. In the US each state has its own unique laws, which are incredibly diverse. Some states have very relaxed laws while others are incredibly strict. Not surprising as the buying and selling of stolen scrap metal has affected each state to varying degrees.

The laws for buying and selling scrap metal in Texas are fairly strict, requiring a lot of info on the seller. We have studied the scrap laws in Texas and summarized everything you should know before going to the scrap yard.

First, do not be that person who turns up to the scrap yard without ID. This will not work anywhere in the US, particularly in Texas. The scrap yard is required to keep a copy of your ID, the license plate number of your car, a description of your car, your photograph and a copy of your fingerprints on record for at least three years. All transactions must be reported within two days and there must be adequate video surveillance. This may seem like a lot of information however each step makes scrap metal theft harder to get away with.

Best Scrap Yards in Texas

Now that you know the basic laws for selling scrap metal in Texas let’s take a look at some of the best scrap yards in the state. Starting in the state capital Austin, our research showed the best scrap yards to be Austin Metal & Iron Co LP and Junk Car Buyers of Austin.

Next we took a look at Houston, our researched showed that among the many great scrap yards the best are: Gulf Coast Scrap Metal and Astro City Scrap Metal. Finally, we looked at Dallas and found that the best scrap yards are: Okon Metal Inc and Green Earth Metal Recycling LLC. If you are looking for advise on a good scrap yard in another part of Texas please feel free to get in touch.

Prices of Scrap Metal for big cities in Texas

Below is a list of cities for which we have gathered today’s scrap metal prices as well as the best scrap yards and “cash for gold” places.

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