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Retail property with two suites has been built in 2003. One is for Dry Cleaners by Owner and the other is for Donut Shop. Currently, the average rental lease income from the tenants is about 66,400 / yr (Base Rent: $16.73/ SF. yr), which will be great potential for appreciation of the property value. And the tax value of the property for 2022 is about 1.08 Mil. Much more, the city of Lewisville has projected to upgrade and remodel the front road of this property, and potential appreciation of the property value could be expected. Located between the two major roads and surrounded by high-income residences. This Dry Cleaners has an average monthly sales of about $30,000 and mostly run by a manager. The monthly sales of April will be about $35,000. And there would be more chance to increase sales because the current price list of the service has more room … Less

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