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Nightlife in Fair Park centers around the fairgrounds plaza. Not only do some events put on special nightly extravaganzas, but plenty of bars and lounges surround the complex. The Fireplace Lounge on Samuell Blvd. brings in locals every day for cheap beer and a friendly atmosphere. The Red Light Lounge on Main Street remains another popular place. The large dance floor and crafted drinks make this a great place to frequent with friends, on weekend or weekday nights. Pay close attention to its event calendar as something new happens often.

At the ready to provide meals both day and night, restaurants similarly center around the fair plaza. Stop in the Old Mill Inn restaurant housed in the only non-Art Deco designed building in the area. Originally an exhibit for the Texas Centennial Exposition provided by the flour milling industry, Old Mill Inn resembles a real flour mill from years ago. For an unusual but entertaining night out, attend one of this establishment’s murder mystery events. The food maintains the quality you expect from the normal dining experience, but its pairing with skilled actors and community bonding ensures an extra-special evening.

When you want to get away from the bustle of the fairgrounds for a bit, try Ronnie’s Catfish and More. Just as you expect from the name, the catfish nuggets at Ronnie’s steal the show. Perfectly seasoned and fried without excessive grease, the catfish has gained a reputation as some of the best in the DFW area. Don’t let the simple kiosk atmosphere fool you — this place only serves top-notch dishes.

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