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Dallas Valley Goldmine Buys Diamonds:

Get the Best Price For Your Unwanted Diamond Jewelry

If you’re looking to sell your diamonds, look no further than Valley Goldmine. With expert jewelry evaluation and the latest equipment, Valley Goldmine is your source for a great price on your diamonds. With 12 locations in the Dallas Texas, area offering expert service and fair prices.

At Dallas Valley Goldmine, our goal is to ensure you get a just price for your diamonds. Instead of taking a guess, we have your stones professionally evaluated for color, clarity, cut and carat weight. We will take your piece to several wholesalers and gemologists to get competing quotes. We do this because depending on the end retailers that they work with, some wholesalers have a better market for fancy cut diamonds while others for large rounds, so the prices they can offer tend to vary. The process takes 1 to 2 days, but it ensures you get the fairest price possible and lets you decide what to do with it. If you’re not happy with the price, you can have your diamond jewelry back and know what your piece is worth.

For more information about selling gold, silver, platinum or diamonds to Dallas Valley Goldmine, contact us by phone or fill out our online contact form today!

Trust Texas‘s premier gold buyer – Dallas Valley Goldmine.

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