Roseanne Barr Blasts Joe Biden: ‘Corrupt’

Roseanne Barr tapped into her comedic roots online with a spoof take on Taylor Swift’s Time Person of the Year cover. However, it has led to backlash from social media users with her taking aim at President Joe Biden and labeling him “corrupt” in her response.

Swift received the prestigious title on Wednesday, and in a playful post on X, formerly Twitter, Barr shared an edited version of the cover with her on the front dressed all in white and wearing a cowboy hat.

The post has been viewed over 1 million times at the time of publication, and one social media user in particular was not a fan.

They commented on her post with the caption: “Looser of the year…lol,” to which she promptly corrected their spelling of “Loser*” and then called them a “loser.”

A back and forth ensued, with the corrected typer adding: “Thank you for the correction. Unfortunately for you, you’re still loser of the year.

“It’s sad because I used to actually respect you even when you went nuts… But now that you’re supporting a dishonest narcissistic criminal conman, it is just too much.”

Barr, known for her Republican support, hit back: “I am not voting for Biden what are you talking about? I’ve been very clear on liking the non war causing, non corrupt one.”

In one last comment, the individual declared: “I said nothing about you voting for Biden, I know you’re not. That’s why I stated what I did. You’re voting for the most corrupt politician in history. FYI, Trump will go to prison. That’s what happens when you break the law. It’s sad you don’t understand how the law works.”

The cover shoot and her comments opened up a debate on the social media platform, with other users chiming in.

One user said: “…and you like Donald Trump? Seriously what happened to you?” and another remarked: “I agree. I used to support her as well even through the mental illness. But, I just can’t any more. It saddens me to see what she has become.”

Her jab at the president was met with equal commentary from supporters of Trump.

One of her allies jumped to her aid, adding: “Roseanne, He’s just scared. He knows Trump’s going to break all of their toys when he retakes the Presidency in 2024.”

“The funny thing is… Any true Roseanne fan will know that she doesn’t care what other people think,” a loyal fan added.

Barr’s support for Trump and his family is apparent with her appearance on the podcast Triggered with Donald Trump Jr. at the end of October and in November, she hit out at Biden over a post about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Newsweek has contact Roseanne Barr’s publicist via email for comment.

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This story was originally published December 8, 2023, 8:30 AM.

source: star-telegram

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