More people die from animal attacks in Texas than in any other state, report says

More than 500 people in Texas were killed by animals between 1999 and 2019, making it the state with the most such deaths, according to an online resource for outdoor activity.

A report by Outforia says 520 people died during that span, by far the most in the U.S. California reported the second-most deaths attributed to animals with 299.

The website, which acts as a curated guide for outdoor activity such as camping, said it used data provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to come up with the report that was released in August. 

On Rare albino rattlesnake found on Hill Country ranch

Only three states — Rhode Island, Delaware and North Dakota — did not report any deaths from animals during the 20-year timeframe. 

In Texas, dogs, mountain lions and snakes were some of the animals that have caused human deaths over the last two decades. Although the report did not specify which animals caused the most deaths in Texas, 201 of them were by mammals that either bit or struck the person.

Since 1970, sharks and snakes have been attributed to 57 deaths each. The vast majority of snake bites were from rattlesnakes, the report said. Alligators were blamed for killing 33 people since 1970.

There have been 520 deaths caused by animals in Texas from 1999 to 2019, according to a a report by Outforia.

Courtesy of Outforia

In the last 50 years, brown bears were involved in 70 fatalities in the northern U.S. and Canada, according to the report.

Before visiting an outdoor destination like a state or national park, Borg said you should become familiar with the animals that frequent the area. It will help to know whether to stay calm or fight back if you come across these animals, he said.

Earlier this year, the Texas Poison Center Network said it has seen a noticeable uptick in rattlesnake bites in 2021. Carl Borg, the editor for Outforia, said someone who is bitten should remain calm to help slow the venom from spreading. 

If you are attacked by a shark, Borg said to target its gills, eyes and nose.

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