Metro Prep Basketball – It’s Better Here!

Fred L (Coach)
“Choosing to move my teams to Metro Prep was one of the best decisions as a coach that I have made.  Metro Prep has proven and solidified their place among one of the top leagues in The North Dallas Area. If you are looking for a program that leads with integrity, respect, and development, you would be hard pressed to find one better than Metro Prep.”

Jessica M (Parent)
“Metro Prep has been a game changer for our family. The league is very well organized with top notch refs and quality competition. The facilities are clean, the parking is convenient,  and the stadium seating allows for parents to comfortably sit with plenty of room to spread out. The announcers, music, and Player of the Game recognition offer a  fun and unique element to the athletes’ experience!”

Parker E (Player)
“The Metro Prep league is way better than any other league I’ve played in. Every team we play is good. I love how we get our own court to play on so I’m not distracted by the whistle of other refs. You will not regret switching over to this league!”

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