Mavs Leaving ESPN for New Radio Home

DALLAS – The Dallas Mavericks have a new 2021-22 NBA schedule, and soon enough, they will also have a new flagship radio station to call “home.”

Multiple sources tell that the Mavs are in the process of ending a 20-year relationship with their previous flagship station, 103.3 ESPN, to make a move of their broadcasts to 97.1 The Eagle.

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We’re told the Mavs have assorted reasons for the shift, which include wishing to be on a radio station that doesn’t also carry other local sports teams in a flagship-station mode. For instance, 105.3 The Fan is a station committed to sports – but The Fan already carries on its air games and heavy programming of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys and also does the same with MLB’s Texas Rangers.

“They (the Mavs) want to be on a stand-alone station,” one source said.

We’re told that standout play-by-play voice of the Mavs, Chuck Cooperstein, will be included in the move to the new station.

The Mavs have been carried on ESPN since 2001, but the station ceased local operations in Oct. 2020. The NBA franchise’s contract with ESPN ran through 2023, but we’re told Mavs owner Mark Cuban forged an “out” clause in the arrangement that now puts the Mavs in motion to move.

“Dotting the ‘i’s and crossing the ‘t’s,” a source termed the progress of negotiations that will put Luka Doncic and company elsewhere on the radio dial.

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