Lil Durk Breaks Silence After Afterparty Shooting In Dallas

It’s been a massive year for Lil Durk who’s still riding out the success of The Voice. Unfortunately, in the midst of his career reaching new heights, he wasn’t able to entirely bask in the glory. The global pandemic made it impossible for rappers to make money at shows or club appearances because of the health risk but there are places that are welcoming rappers into their venues.

Last night, Lil Durk performed in front of a sold-out crowd in Dallas before hosting an afterparty at Pryme Night Club. Unfortunately, the evening ended with gunfire that left one person dead and seven others injured, according to NBCDFW. Police said someone opened fire into the crowd early Saturday morning. They discovered six people with gunshot wounds and two others who went to the hospital after the fact. 21-year-old Daisy Navarrette died at the hospital. Other victims are either in stable or critical condition. Authorities claim the incident occurred after the alleged shooter got into an argument with someone else in the club.

After the venue cleared out, there was a venue of a man heckling Lil Durk from afar. It sounds like the individual was a fan of FBG Duck since he continued saying, “Love live Duck.” “Durk talking bout he need no security,” the caption wrote on one slide. “That n***a run wit da truck he gone take a shot for that man. He get paid a good 20ball a night,” he added in another clip as he revealed how many security guards Durk was rolling with.

It seems like Durk has caught wind of the comments after the fact. The rapper took to Instagram where he addressed the viral video of the man clowning him from afar, writing, “Blogs make n***as look like killers out here and be real bitches don’t believe no stories bout me cause n***as know better in person y’all got the net,” he said.


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