Industrial Cooling Pad System

Currently, in many buildings, factories, factories, etc., cooling pad is used to handle the problem of high temperature and air conditioning. So what is a Cooling Pad? Why use a industrial cooling pad system instead of another system? Please join to learn about this issue!

Industrial Cooling Pad System
Industrial Cooling Pad System

What is a cooling pad?

  • The cooling pad is manufactured from laminated paper with glue to form a super durable water-resistant cooling pad.
  • Specially designed honeycomb to increase air cooling efficiency many times higher than conventional area

What is the cooling pad system?

The Industrial cooling pad system is a system that helps reduce the temperature in factories, factories… In this system, the cooling pad curtain is an important part, designed in the form of a rectangular block with groove to contact the water, while retaining the water. This membrane is extracted from the bark of the tree, so its ability to penetrate is relatively fast. The water will be cooled down and at the same time cooled naturally when it passes through the cooling pad.

Working principle of cooling system by cooling pad

The cooling pad – cooling system (Industrial Cooling Pad System) is a combination of a ventilation fan with a cooling pad. They adopt the principle of negative pressure (depending on the actual situation of the factory, calculate the number of times of gas exchange and the amount of air to be exchanged to determine the number of fans to be installed) to make the air in the room sucked out and the wind blows. from outside will automatically overflow into the room.

The air being sucked out will bring the temperature and dust in the room out, and the air from outside will pass through the cooling pad. Because the cooling pad is wetted by water. So when the air passes through, the water lowers the temperature of the incoming air, so that the room temperature can be reduced by 5 to 7°C compared to the outdoor temperature. The cooling system by cooling pad is suitable for the cooling needs of factories in the textile industry, garment industry, leather shoes, electronics, livestock industry, etc.

What are the advantages of the Industrial Cooling Pad System?

  • Good permeability, evenly distributed along the length of the membrane, resulting in cooling efficiency up to more than 85%.
  • The ability to absorb water is very fast and the diffusion speed is high (4 – 5 seconds for a drop of water) so the ability to reduce heat is very good.
  • Good resistance to corrosion, mold, and moss.
  • High strength, rust resistance, good by corrugated design and special treatment.
  • Odorless, non-toxic, clean, friendly to the environment and people, so this is a great product to purify the air, reduce temperature, and humidify quickly.

Classification of cooling system by cooling pad

Industrial Cooling Pad System
Industrial Cooling Pad System

At present, one can classify cooling systems by cooling pad.

Classification by division of cooling pad membrane

As we have shared above, the cooling pad is the key part of the cooling system by cooling pad. Therefore, cooling pads are classified based on their membrane as: conventional and premium. In which, the characteristics of each line are as follows:

  • Normal product line: produced from manual lines, raw materials of normal or low quality such as: blended, recycled, low-quantity paper; glue originated from China; Paper has soft texture, not high durability.
  • High-end product line: manufactured from high quality paper materials (mainly virgin pulp extracted from pine needles); high-quality glue; Good water permeability, evenly distributed, cooling efficiency above 85%; eco-friendly; Paper has a strong, durable texture.

Classification on the principle of operation

On the basis of operating principle, this Industrial Cooling System is divided into 2 types, including: positive pressure and negative pressure cooling pad system. Accordingly, the characteristics of each type are as follows:

Positive pressure cooling pad system

The cooling pads are moistened. The blower system works to suck all harmful air and dust from inside to outside. At this time, the internal pressure will change due to the influence of the strong suction speed. The wind and fresh air from the outside will be sucked in by the fan from the outside and automatically pushed into the cooling pad. The air is cooled here before entering the factory.

The pressure difference will help the air from outside to flow into the factory through the cooling pad membranes. At this time, the water will lower the temperature and release fresh air when it enters the interior.

Negative pressure cooling pad system

Basically, the negative pressure cooling pad system has the same mechanism of creating fresh air as the positive pressure system. The only difference is that, if the positive pressure system completely uses the blower to suck in the air from the outside as well as create fresh air thanks to the cooling pad, the negative pressure system is the difference. of pressure.

Application of cooling pad

Industrial Cooling Pad System
Industrial Cooling Pad System

The cooling pad in the cooling system brings great economic efficiency in the industrial field when it reduces a large amount of costs in terms of power, low operating and maintenance costs while having a long service life. In fact, at present, many factories, factories, farms… have installed cooling systems by cooling pad.

  • Industrial cooling pads when used in combination with industrial fans help reduce 6 – 8 degrees for factories and industrial parks, especially effective for garment factories, industrial textiles, ..
  • The cooling pad helps to trap dust in the air, making the factory air cleaner.
  • Cooling system using a “cooling pad” is suitable for cooling needs of factories, textile, garment, livestock farms…

Specifications of cooling pad

Specifications of cooling pad
Specifications of cooling pad

Vietnam Industrial Engineering Joint Stock Company (VTEC-ASIA)

Vietnam Industrial Engineering Joint Stock Company (VTEC-ASIA) is the leading contractor in the design & construction of industrial cooling systems.

At VTEC-ASIA, there is a team of experienced, highly qualified and specialized officers and employees who have been well-trained.

In addition, with more than 15 years of experience in industrial cooling, VTEC-ASIA has gradually affirmed its position in the industry. The company is trusted by large domestic and foreign partners and companies to cooperate in many fields such as: textiles, garment accessories, plastic, production packaging, food, leather shoes, barns, .. .

Information about Vietnam Industrial Construction Engineering Joint Stock Company (VTEC-ASIA):

Above is the information about the Industrial Cooling Pad System that we want to share with you. If you are in need of installing ventilation and cooling systems to improve the air quality of your factory, workshop, building, .., please contact immediately for advice and support!

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